RV Loans for Bad Credit

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About RV Loans for Bad Credit

RV loans are the loans that can be used for buying recreational vehicles, such as campers or motorhomes. These loans can be the best solution for borrowers who want to enjoy vacations but struggle with bad credit scores.

You can get a larger amount of money when you get RV loans compared with title loans. And you will enjoy the flexible repayment of the loan. RV loan lenders will prioritize your capability to repay the loan and the volume of down payment you can offer rather than your credit score. So, borrowers with bad credit scores can still request RV loans.

How Can I Apply for RV Loans with Bad Credit Scores?

Have a Budget

You should plan everything beforehand. When getting an RV loan, down payment and RV costs aren’t the only expense you have to bear. You can use an RV calculator to calculate your costs and expected monthly payments by entering your required loan amount, repayment period, and interest rate.

Value Your Credit Score

Although you can get RV loans with bad credit, it is still pertinent to attach importance to your credit score and take measures to improve it because some lenders might require a good credit score to get an offer with favorable terms.

Pay a Down Payment

Lenders offering RV loans for bad credit care much about the down payment volume. Most lenders require at least a 10% down payment.

Paying a significant percentage of the down payment can affect the lender’s decision about your loan’s interest rates, and monthly payments.

Find a Lender

Now is the time to find a reliable RV loan lender for purchasing the RV you like. You can choose to get the loan through the dealers, as they will send your request to various lenders they partner with. On the other hand, you can also find a lender on your own. If you opt for a private lender, you can get a pre-approval certificate from the lender, indicating you are approved for an RV loan.

Try to Get the Best Terms

Extra Incentives or Amenities can be an essential factor in reducing your costs of getting an RV loan. So there is a need to check them to get a more affordable price to finance your RV.

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Where to Find RV Loans for Bad Credit?

Consider the following options when you want to request RV loans for bad credit;

Online Lenders

You can find numerous online lenders to request an RV loan for bad credit, such as Southeast Financial, My Financing USA, etc. The best thing about online lenders is the ease of the process. Once approved, you can receive funds in your account from the comfort of your home.


Banks also offer RV loans for bad credit. The paperwork of getting a loan from the bank is a hassle compared to online lenders. Also, the interest rates are comparatively higher than other available options.

Credit Unions

Credit unions, such as Pentagon Federal Credit Union, are another source of getting RV loans. However, being a credit union member is necessary for requesting a loan. The interest rates offered by credit unions are comparatively lower than banks, and the process of requesting a loan is also hassle-free.

Dealership Financing

Besides private lenders, opting for dealership financing is also an option. Dealers can help you connect with a wide network of lenders. Though it might sound convenient, the interest rates are really high compared to other options.

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Tips for Improving the Chance of Getting Approved for RV Loans for Bad Credit Loans

Here are some tips for improving the chances of getting approved for RV loans for bad credit loans.

Try Increasing Down Payment

Paying a significant volume of the down payment can improve your chances of getting approved for RV loans. Though most lenders require at least a 10% down payment, you should try to pay at least 20%. It impacts your credibility.

Mention all Income Sources

Ensure you include all the sources of income while offering proof of income, as it will make lenders regard you as a reliable borrower. Don’t limit yourself to your salary. Add any rental income, disability income, social security funds, etc.

Improve Your Financial Strength

If you have a lot of debts, paying off a few debts before applying for an RV loan is better. It will not only improve your credit score but also make the loan repayment easy for you.

Alternatives to RV Loans for Bad Credit

Quick Loans

An ideal alternative to RV loans for bad credit is quick loans. This type of loan is perfect for unexpected expenses that need your immediate attention.

Also, if you apply for a quick loan, you can receive the funds in your bank account as soon as 15 minutes after approval.

Title Loans

You can also use your existing vehicle as collateral for getting a loan for an RV. The process to apply for title loans is simple and effortless. All you have to do is prove you are the owner of the vehicle. The best thing about title loans is that you can keep driving your vehicle as long as you pay the monthly payment in time.

Payday Loans

If you have a handsome payout but are suffering from a temporary financial crisis, you can go for payday loans. These loans can be paid with your next paycheck.

You can receive the funds in your account as soon as one business day. Also, getting a payday loan doesn’t significantly impact your credit score as payday loan lenders usually don’t report to credit bureaus.


Why do lenders turn down my request for RV loans for bad credit?

If you are deep in debt, lenders might turn down your request for RV loans for bad credit. Besides, unverifiable income sources, multiple bankruptcies, and limited installment history can also lead to your disqualification for RV loans.

What is the repayment term for RV loans for bad credit?

RV loans for bad credit have long repayment terms. It can vary from five (60 months) to ten (120 months) years based on your down payment, interest rate, etc.

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