10 Best Emergency Loans for Bad Credit

Are you in need of cash to cater to a financial emergency? Do you have enough credit to take out a loan? No? Don’t fret! Let US Installment Loans help you with lenders who grant loans to bad credit borrowers.

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Financial emergencies can be one son of a gun, presenting itself at the worst possible times, say a week or two before your next payday. These expenses could be in any form. Sometimes, it could be as flimsy as a smoking car or heating bills. Other times, it could be a little more serious like an emergency medical bill or a bad debt due months ago.

How do you quickly resolve these problems? Are there quicker and less stressful ways than hawking gift cards online or pawning your valuables? Yes! The answer is taking out an emergency loan.

An emergency loan is a short-term loan taken out to settle emergency expenses and to be repaid soon. Emergency loan lenders rarely use your credit score as a qualifying criterion. So, you can qualify for one even if you have bad credit.

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How Do Urgent Loans for Bad Credit Work?

Taking out emergency loans with bad credit isn’t rocket science. With the right loan broker doing the scouting for you, getting a loan is pretty easy. In a few hours after approval, or at most the following business day, you should have your paper in the bank.

Most often than not, taking out an emergency loan simply involves logging on to the broker’s website, filling in all relevant information in their simple, short form, waiting for offers from lenders, accepting an offer from several options and boom! You have your cash within the day or the following business day; nothing more.

You may want to apply with any of the 10 best urgent loans for bad credit brokers or lenders to increase your chances of qualifying for one.

Here they are;

10 Best Urgent Loans for Bad Credit

US Installment Loans - Best for Overall

WeLoans - Best for Same-Day Loans

US Bad Credit Loans - Best for Offering Bad Credit Loans

iPaydayLoans - Best for Overall

CocoLoan - Best for Offering Low Interest Rates

US Installment Loans

Best Emergency Loans for Bad Credit US Installment Loans

US Installment Loans is one loan broker with a lender for every borrower category there is. As of 2022, they boast of a rich, extensive network of over 150 reputable lenders with emergency loan offers of over $5,000 for bad credit borrowers!

You’d be wrong to think they’re limited to emergency loans. They also provide other forms of short-term and long-term loans all for free (zero origination fee)!

Their lenders have a high approval rate (97%) and would usually approve an applicant for a loan once they meet the basic eligibility requirements. These lenders are CFPB-compliant and report payments to the three major credit bureaus.


  • Considers bad credit borrowers
  • Approval decisions are made in under five minutes
  • Zero origination fee
  • High approval rates


Their services are not available in all states

Get the Best Emergency Loans for Bad Credit Offers With US Installment Loans >>


Best Emergency Loans for Bad Credit WeLoans

WeLoans is another stand-out broker to consider. They’ve earned a name for themselves for connecting bad credit borrowers to the best deals on each loan option available.

Their partner lenders run only soft credit checks and report on-time payments to the three major credit bureaus to protect applicant’s credit scores and enable them to qualify for better offers in the future.

Typically, these lenders do not charge any prepayment fees.


  • Reports on-time payments to TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian
  • Quick lender approval and funding
  • The platform is safe and secure
  • Flexible repayment T&Cs


  • Unemployed borrowers may find it hard to secure loans

Apply For an Emergency Loan On WeLoans Now Where Your Approval Chances are High >>

US Bad Credit Loans

Best Emergency Loans for Bad Credit US Bad Credit Loans

What makes US Bad Credit Loans special is its loans for unemployed people. It has provisions for unemployed Americans with a steady source of income. Their application process is quite simple and straightforward. Everything is done online too. There’s no paperwork to fill.

Its partner lenders fund applicants with up to $5k emergency loans to finance big purchases, settle emergency medical bills or consolidate debts.


  • No paperwork needed
  • Specialize in disbursing same-day bad credit loans
  • The simple loan request process
  • Bad credit borrowers can borrow up to $5k


  • Late payment attracts a fee

US Bad Credit Loans Has Got You Covered Even If You Are Out of Work. Apply Now >>


Best Emergency Loans for Bad Credit

iPaydayLoans is currently rated one of the top brokers in this business and for good reason. Asides from connecting bad credit borrowers to lenders with a high approval rate, this loan broker treats emergencies like emergencies.

Its partner lenders fund borrowers as soon as the same day or the following business day. Like US Bad Credit Loans, it also has offers for unemployed people. Its partner lenders allow co-borrowing, which can generally help you negotiate better loan offers.


  • High approval rate
  • Offer deals for the unemployed
  • Excellent customer service
  • Quick funding
  • Allows co-signing


Interest can get a little high for bad credit borrowers

Enjoy Same-Day Funding with iPaydayLoans >>


Best Emergency Loans for Bad Credit CocoLoan

The expensive nature of emergency loans shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. That’s why many brokers advertise their connections with lenders who offer low-interest rates on their loans. Even still, many of these ‘low-interest rates’ could blow your budget if you’re not careful.

CocoLoan is one of the few who truly keep their rates low and affordable for a borrower. Not only that! Most lenders partnered with them offer same-day approval and disbursal upon application. As of 2022, a bad credit borrower could borrow between $50-$5000. Its low minimum loan amount makes it an ideal choice for people who need very little emergency cash advances.


  • Competitively low-interest rate
  • Partnered with hundreds of lenders
  • You can borrow as low as $50
  • Negotiable payment options
  • Prepayment penalties do not apply


Bad credit borrowers may receive fewer funds than they initially applied for

Join Thousands of Borrowers Who Enjoy Low-Interest Emergency Loans On CocoLoan >> 


Best Emergency Loans for Bad Credit BadCreditLoans

If there’s one unique thing about BadCreditLoans, it’s that they’re big on helping borrowers make better financial decisions. It has numerous blogs and resources to help bad credit borrowers get better at handling debts going forward.

It provides borrowers with emergency loans of up to $10000. The lending service also has an extended lender network. If you can’t find a lender in its network, BadCreditLoans is willing to connect you to lenders elsewhere who may have offers for you.


  • Transparent service
  • Has tons of educational resources
  • Offers long term personal loans (max at 72 months)
  • Bad credit borrowers can borrow up to $10k
  • Highly secure (lenders are the only ones who access your information)


  • Payday loans may be rejected
  • Longer loan terms call for hard credit checks

With BadCreditLoans, You Get Quickly Funded and Educated on Better Financial Decisions >>


Best Emergency Loans for Bad Credit PersonalLoans

What do you do when your loan request gets rejected by every lender? Move to another to try your luck again? Why not apply to PersonalLoans where your chances of qualifying for a loan are higher? PersonalLoans has extended its lender network to include third-party lenders outside their lender network. This way, your loan offer can reach more lenders who can help you out with better offers.

At the moment, a bad credit borrower can get loans up to $35,000 with an APR not higher or lower than 35.99% or 5.99% respectively. Also, the website is easy to use and navigate even for loan newbies and non-tech savvy individuals.


  • Easy-to-use website
  • Excellent customer service
  • Borrowers can get up to $35k with bad credit
  • Service is completely free


  • Most borrowers need to earn at least $1,000 a month to qualify for a loan offer
  • Lenders usually charge an origination fee around 4.25% to 8% of total revenue

Double Your Chances of Getting Approved with PersonalLoans >>

Fast Title Loans

Best Emergency Loans for Bad Credit Fast Title Loans

As the name implies, Fast Title Loans are well known for quickly connecting borrowers to lenders that offer affordable title loans at delectable interest rates. They frown at credit-ruining checks (hard credit checks) and encourage applicants to estimate the total cost of the loan they are getting using their loan calculator.

People who do have a car title to turn in as collateral may opt for payday loans which are mostly unsecured.


  • No prepayment penalties
  • User-friendly website
  • Fast payment
  • Has other loan offers aside from title loans


  • Does not allow co-signing

Enjoy the Best Emergency Loan Deals on Fast Title Loans >>


Best Emergency Loans for Bad Credit Cash USA

Try CashUSA if you are worried about your data’s safety. The platform values security and so has industry-leading security protocols in place to protect applicants’ data. Unlike a few other lending services, this broker doesn’t sell data to third party users.

It also has one of the widest lender networks you can find; one comprising both state and tribal lenders. Borrowers who have a question or two about credit scores and how best to manage their finances going forward should find its educational corner helpful.


  • Has educational resources to groom bad credit borrowers into better financial managers
  • Its partner lenders are CFPB-compliant
  • Lenders use fair debt collection practices
  • Offers other credit related services like debt relief and credit repair


Unemployed individuals may find it difficult to qualify for a loan

Enjoy Loans and Other Credit-Related Services in One Place with CashUSA >>


Best Emergency Loans for Bad Credit Upgrade

Upgrade is a lender with deep roots in the loan business. Currently, they grant bad credit borrowers loans as high as $50,000 with affordable APR and T&Cs.

To sweeten every borrower’s experience, they pay back 1.5% of loan settlements in bitcoin! With 3% cash back on home, auto, and health categories plus $200 for every user who opens and does a debit card transaction from their reward checking account.

Also, there is no prepayment fee for early settlements so you’re free to pay your loan once you’re buoyant enough to. If you’re looking for an all-rounder lender, these are the guys to use.


  • Co-borrowing is allowed
  • Checking account owners enjoy awesome discounts
  • Self-employed borrowers can apply with ease
  • To assess possible rates, a soft credit inquiry might be made


  • Origination fees apply
  • Late payments are subject to penalties

Upgrade Your Financial Capacity with Upgrade Today >>

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How Fast Can I Get an Emergency Loan?

Although dependent on a few factors, most loan approvals and funding happen on the same day of the application. In some cases, the whole process could take an extra day depending on your lender.

All in all, it’s always best to ask your lender how they work so you don’t get any ‘unpleasant’ surprises. Here are some factors that determine how quickly you get funded.

  • Your lender: They ALWAYS have a big part to play in this. A good way to boycott time wasters would be to use loan brokers like any of those on this list to get you a lender who won’t waste your precious time.
  • Your bank: Your bank’s processing speed is another factor that determines how fast your cash may come in. Take note of this before blaming your lender for slow payment.
  • How early did you apply: Did you apply for your emergency loan at 10 am or 11 pm? Applications tendered during earlier hours of the day have higher chances of getting disbursed the same day than late applications.
  • The originality of your documents: If your lender has a hard time authenticating any one of your documents, your payment could be delayed (if not rejected). As such, make sure you provide valid info while applying for your loan.

Tips for Getting Approved for Urgent Loans for Bad Credit

Get a co-signer

Having someone with good credit sign your contract with you puts you in good standing with your ideal lender. A co-signer is someone responsible for settling your debt if you’re unable to. So, he or she must be someone with a good credit score.

Figure out and combine all your income streams

Many lenders consider things like alimony, monthly government payments, and social security earnings as part of your monthly income. Including any of these in your proof of income shows the lender that you have the wherewithal to fulfill your payment obligations on due time.

Enter only correct information

This is one fact we can’t stress enough. Try your best to avoid mistakes and ensure you supply only correct information. Omitting or mistaking a single digit in your social security number for another could make lenders spend too much time validating your information. Things like this can delay payment.

Do you have collateral?

Some lenders allow bad credit borrowers to take out secured emergency loans. This means you can put down a valuable item as collateral for your loan. If something happens and you’re unable to settle your loan, your lender takes the collateral as settlement.


Before pulling the curtains on this article, here is one thing we need you to know; that scouting for the right lender is best left in the hands of a reliable loan broker. Any of the above-listed should connect you to offers five minutes from submitting your application form.

You can go with our recommendation - US Installment Loans - If you’re still undecided about which of them to use. With them, your chances of landing a loan are pretty high. You can also bank on getting some of the best emergency loans for bad credit offers available.

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