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If you are like Kyle, a pseudonym for our 200,000th bad credit borrower, you are probably tired of reading pieces on how bad your chances of getting a loan are. US Installment Loans is the solution you seek. We will connect you to lenders with reasonable offers for you. Engage us now!

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If you are like Kyle, a pseudonym for our 200,000th bad credit borrower, you are probably tired of reading pieces on how bad your chances of getting a loan are. US Installment Loans is the solution you seek. We will connect you to lenders with reasonable offers for you. Engage us now!

It might be a good time to take a sneak peek at your credit report if you do not have the faintest idea of your credit score. This is because a poor credit rating has far-reaching consequences, including reducing your loan options and sometimes making it harder to find housing.

If you have a poor credit score, this piece is for you. It discusses how to improve your credit ratings. It also exposes you to possible funding options, one of which is bad credit loans guaranteed approval.

Are There Real Bad Credit Loans Guaranteed Approval?

There are no 100% guarantees; not even if your credit score was excellent; talk more of when your credit score is below par. However, with some bad credit lenders, like the partner lenders of US Installment Loans, you can be almost sure you will get an offer once you meet the basic eligibility requirements, including having a monthly income of $800.

You also stand a greater chance of approval when you apply for a reasonable sum; your monthly income can take care of within one to three months.

Further down this article, you will find other ways to improve your chances of landing a bad credit loan.

Can I Get Guaranteed Approval Loans for Bad Credit With No Credit Check?

No. At least not in the sense you might be assuming. Bad credit, no doubt, significantly reduces your chances of getting loans. However, thankfully, there are offers specially designed for bad credit borrowers.

Some lenders may not consider credit scores in their assessment of the borrower’s creditworthiness. This gives borrowers a fair chance of landing a loan once they satisfy the basic eligibility requirements; hence, the coinage ‘guaranteed approval.’

Also, these lenders may run only soft credit checks to avoid even more damage to an already ailing credit rating. These credit checks are done in the first place to satisfy US financial lending regulatory laws.

However, they are called soft because they are not reported to the major credit bureaus and cannot affect your credit score. Loans obtained from these lenders are what's advertised as ‘Guaranteed Approval Loans for Bad Credit with No Credit Check.’

How Can I Get Loans for Bad Credit With US Installment Loans?

Here’s how you can get one - apply for it. To get a bad credit loan on US Installment Loans, do the following:

Fill out this short, simple form with your basic credentials. This includes some personal and financial information, just the basics, really. Using this data, US Installment Loans connects you with some lenders in our panel.

On receiving your submission, each lender runs affordability and soft credit checks on your profile to determine how much should be approved, then make a funding decision. Of course, they play down credit score requirements, so if you satisfy the basic requirements, you should be approved for a loan. Funding decisions are made in less than five minutes too.

If approved, you will be sent a quote/offer. Review the offers from different lenders to see which suits you best. Sign the offer you are most comfortable with and expect to get funded as soon as the following business day.

Also, here’s why you should choose US Installment Loans ahead of all other possible options. Chief among these reasons is that lenders in its network run only soft credit checks. Since these checks are run via credit bureaus other than the three major ones (TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian), they do not reflect in your credit report; hence, they do not affect your credit score.

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Benefits of Guaranteed Loans For Bad Credit

Secure and easy application process

The application process for bad credit loans is very easy and convenient. The entire process is also started and completed online with zero paperwork to be completed. All data entered on the lender’s site, especially established ones, are safe and secure.

Quick approvals

Long waiting times analogous to traditional bank loans are quite alien to bad credit loans. Bad credit lenders make approval decisions very quickly since they do not have so many checks to run, nor are there any eligibility requirements for borrowers to satisfy.

Fast cash disbursement

Bad credit loans are processed quickly. Some lenders process funding a few hours after approval. Some others within the same day, and some others as soon as the following business day, depending on their funding policy.

Can boost one’s credit ratings

Taking out a bad credit loan and paying it back on time can be a good way to improve your credit rating, especially when you borrow from a lender that reports payments to the major credit bureaus. Each payment reflects in your credit report.

What Are the Eligibility Criteria for Bad Credit Loans?

The credit score requirement is one of the biggest lender requirements borrowers are bothered about. You never really know if your credit score is within the lender’s approvable range unless you have stellar credit. Since credit score is not a big deal with bad credit loans, there’s a lot less to worry about, isn’t it? Therefore, the eligibility criteria for bad credit loans are down to the basics.

To qualify for a loan, you must;

  • be 18 years or older;
  • have a government-issued ID;
  • be a US citizen or resident in the state;
  • provide proof of regular income (usually at least $800);
  • Have valid contact information (email address and phone number);
  • have a valid checking account where the requested cash will be deposited.

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How Can I Boost My Chances of Qualifying for a Loan?

The first step is working to improve your credit scores. Though credit scores don’t count much towards your eligibility, they help you with winning more attractive offers.

So, you might want to apply for a free credit report, go through it and see if there are any errors on it. If any, file for correction. Correcting these errors can give your credit score a little facelift.

Also, consider applying with a co-applicant. Bad credit borrowers find it difficult to get loans because they are considered a lending risk. Getting a co-applicant can be reassuring and makes you a lesser lending risk to the lender, thus, improving your chances of getting a loan from the lender in question.

Other things to do are:

  • Apply with only lenders who run soft credit inquiries as hard credit inquiries can cause further damage to an already poor credit score
  • Increase your monthly paycheck
  • Pay off existing debts
  • Apply for loans with lenders that report on-time payments to the major credit bureaus
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