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How Do Online Quick Loans Work?

A loan can be your saving grace when unbudgeted expenses rear their ugly head and your savings don't stack up to what you need to cover these expenses. Yet, obtaining a bank loan can be quite tedious and the process is complicated. That's where online quick loans come in. The entire process is as simple as submitting a form online, waiting for a decision, signing the quote in agreement to the lender's terms and conditions and getting funded. Once you turn in your request you can expect to get funded as soon as within 15 minutes.

What Is A Payday Loan?
What Is A Payday Loan?

How Fast Are Instant Loans?

Instant loans are disbursed as quickly as they need to be to sort out emergencies. Typically, this depends on how long the lender needs to review the request and how long it takes to go through the entire process. Our partner lenders make a decision in as fast as five minutes and you get funding in as soon as 15 minutes.

How Can I Get Fast Cash Loans Online?

One of the things instant loans are most notable for is how easy it is to get one. You can get fast cash loans online in these three, simple steps

How to Obtain A Payday Loan Online Here?
  • 1

    Enter your details on the form

    Once you make a request for a loan, a form pops up where you are required to enter basic information about yourself and your financial situation. The information supplied will be verified by the lender, so ensure they are accurate.

  • 2

    Receive quotes

    Once you are connected to a partner lender and the lender okays you for a loan, you will be sent a quote. In the quote, you will find the approved amount and the terms and conditions tied to it.

  • 3

    Get funded

    Sign the quote only if you accept its contents. Once you have signed, you should be expecting to get funded anytime from then depending on your bank's processing speed.

Why Choose Our Services

  • Less Time-Consuming Process

    Less Time-Consuming Process

    Bank loans are cool; but the processes involved? Very hectic and killing. Why go through that stress when you can get an easier alternative? Our loan processes are simple and straightforward. In a few, quick steps, you should get funded.

  • Get Funds in As Little As 15 Mins

    Get Funds in As Little As 15 Mins

    Unplanned expenses are emotionally distressing enough. Adding long loan waiting times is fanning the flames even more. That's why you need a loan broker like USInstallmentLoans. Our lenders process payouts in as little as 15 minutes. Get approved and funded quickly!

  • Good Credit Is Not a Requirement

    Good Credit Is Not a Requirement

    Got bad credit? That doesn't matter. Unlike the bank who won't even give you a listening ear, we understand your financial position and are willing to listen to your request for financial aid. We have your best interest at heart and will fund you even if your credit profile isn't attractive.

  • No Hard Credit Checks from Lenders

    No Hard Credit Checks from Lenders

    We'd be liars if we said our lenders won't run any credit checks on your profile. As mandated by the SEC, all reliable lenders must. However, they'll be running only soft credit checks on your profile. These soft credit checks won't hurt your credit score.

What Are The Bright Sides And Dark Sides of Instant Loans?


Good for emergency

When you are cornered into a financial tight spot and need to take care of an emergency, you want to get financial aid instantly. If you really need it instantly, you should go for a quick loan.

Convenient & quick

Speed and convenience are the hallmarks of quick loans. You can request a quick loan from the comfort of your couch or on the move from the convenience of your mobile device. Requesting and getting funded also doesn't take long.

No Collateral Necessary

Don't have collateral to secure your loan? No problem. Instant loans do not have a collateral requirement. You can obtain loans up to $5,000 even if you have no collateral.


High interest rates

The interest rates of instant loans are on the high side. For instance, with many lenders you would have to return between $115 and $130 for every $100 borrowed. You may also pay as high as $15 if you're late on payment by one day.

Relatively Low Borrowing Amounts

Most instant loans come with relatively low borrowing amounts compared to traditional bank loans. Therefore, they may not be your best bet when you need to cover cash-intensive expenses like buying a large piece of equipment.

May lead to debt

Since the eligibility requirements for instant loans are easy to attain, it's easy to get caught in the web of constantly borrowing. If you already have credit card debts piled up, you want to be careful about taking another loan.

Tips On Comparing Different Quick Loan Lenders

Loan Amounts

Your credit score can influence how much risk a lender is willing to take on you and how much they can fund you with. Check with the available quick loan lenders around you to see how much they are willing to offer you.

Payment Terms

Have a look at their laid-down terms and see if you resonate with them. You may also want to consider the repayment term (window). The longer the repayment term, the higher the interest rates and the entire cost of the loan.

Eligibility Requirements

What are their eligibility requirements and how many of them do you meet? Move on to the next once you see you don't tick all requirements for a particular lender as you can't get funded without meeting those requirements.

What Are Other Alternatives When I Need Money Fast?

Same-day Loans

The prefix same-day already gives a clue about how quickly this kind of loan can be processed. For emergencies like medical bills where time is of the essence, you may want to request a same-day loan.

Cash Advance

Cash advance or payday loans are short-term loans intended to help you easily tide over unexpected expenses. Trying to fix a few emergencies before your next paycheck? You should get a cash advance.

Personal Loans

Personal loans can be obtained for virtually any reason. Lenders sometimes look at the reason for obtaining a loan before approving and may not fund you if they consider the reason mundane. But with personal loans, you can get away with anything.

Title Loans

Want to access a higher loan amount? You may want to bring your car along. With a car as collateral, you can unlock even more funds than you thought possible. There's nothing to be worried about as long as you don't default.

Installment Loans

If you're loan-shopping - at a direct lender's - for the most convenient repayment loan package, then you shouldn't look further than installment loans. They give you the convenience of spreading your debt over several months.


  • What you'll need to apply for an instant loan?

    The requirements for an instant loan are not cast in stone and may vary from lender to lender. But these are the general ones - a proof of identity, loan form, proof of address and income verification.

  • How much fast cash can I borrow?

    Your credit ceiling depends on a number of factors, chief of which are the loan term and state you reside in. For instance, some states allow you to borrow up to $1k, others less. Also, you can get up to $5k if it were a long-term loan.

  • Can I get approved for a quick loan with bad credit?

    Yes. Your bad credit should not strip you of your rights to get an emergency loan, and we make sure of that. With USInstallmentLoans's partner lenders, you can secure loans up to $5k, even with bad credit.

  • Is my info safe with USInstallmentLoans?

    Yes, it is. Your biodata and personal information are protected by industry leading security standards. We ensure modern security protocols to ensure all data entered on our platform is kept safe.

  • Do you or your lenders keep my information?

    No, we don't. Neither we nor our partner lenders save, share or sell your private information. Your data are meant to be private and confidential and we ensure we keep them that way.

  • Are collaterals needed?

    No. Our loans are not secured, hence, do not need any collateral. Neither would we require of you a guarantor to secure your loan even if your credit score is nothing close to stellar.

  • Will an instant loan impact my credit score?

    No. Unless of course, you fail to redeem your loans on time. Defaulting on a loan can hurt your credit score. Other than that, you are safe.

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