About Us

Your borrowing experience is only as beautiful as your loan service, isn't it? US Installment Loans is here to erase all bad borrowing experiences you may ever have. We ensure your borrowing experience with our partner lenders is seamless and stress-free.

Who we are

US Installment Loans, your favorite lending neighbor, is a loan broker helping people find loan offers tailored to their financial situations. We have tens of lenders in our network with various financing options for good and bad credit borrowers alike. Over 100,000 new and returning customers can access cash when needed through US Installment Loans at competitively low-interest rates. These customers enjoy considerate loans'T&C and a convenient repayment window.

The personally identifiable information is gathered to help us provide and better any services you request from us. We will treat these details as highly sensitive data and protect them from unauthorized access by implementing technical measures.

Meet our lenders

Our partner lenders are accredited and licensed by US financial regulators, and their activities are regulated by the same.

They abide by the state's lending laws; hence, they shun inhumane debt collection methods used by some lenders in ensuring defaulting customers pay their debt. Instead, these lenders encourage customers who may miss their payment deadlines to contact them ahead of this deadline to negotiate an alternative deadline and develop a payment plan.

These lenders show their commitment to helping borrowers build their credit history by reporting payments made on time to the three major credit bureaus. They may also run only soft credit checks while assessing the borrower's creditworthiness.

Your privacy is our priority

US Installment Loans is committed to providing customers with the best borrowing experience. We employ industry-leading standards like TLS and 256-bit encryption protocols in ensuring that users'data is safe and secure. All data entered on the site are useful for connecting borrowers to lenders; nothing else.

Have in mind that we are not direct lenders and so do not have total control over the activities of lenders within our network. For the best experience, we recommend carefully reviewing all loan offers you get and comparing their contents to know which is best for you.