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What Is A Payday Loan?

A payday loan known in some quarters as a cash advance is a short-term loan lent out to applicants who are to pay back in full plus interest by the next time their paycheck arrives. When you’re faced with daunting bills in between paychecks, a payday loan is one cash option to consider.

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Can I Get a Payday Loan With No Credit Check?

No credit check payday loans don't really exist. All SEC-accredited payday loan lenders must perform credit checks on their prospective clients. To forestall its negative impact on your credit rating, US Installment Loans partners with lenders that only run soft credit checks. These checks won't reflect in your credit report or hurt your credit score.

Why Choose Us?

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    Better offers, rates & terms

    We all can relate to how uncomfortable it is to pay back a payday loan, especially when interests are at a cut-throat rate. For this reason, our partner lenders charge only fair rates. The entire package from them, including the approved loan amount, terms, and interest rates are designed with you in mind.

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    Trusted payday lenders

    We work with trusted payday loan lenders who would not sell their integrity cheap to rip off unsuspecting clients. To begin with, our partner lenders are accredited and regulated by CFPB. Our processes are also very transparent. No fees, forever.

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    Bad credit considered

    Need to borrow some money but don't even have a good credit score to obtain bank loans? We're offering you a simpler alternative. Our partner lenders can offer you a bad credit payday loan. What matters more is that you have plans in the works to repay when due.

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    Quick funding from lenders

    How soon you get funded depends on a number of factors including how quickly your bank processes payments. Regardless, our payday loan lenders are proactive and can fund your loan as soon as the next business day.

How to Obtain An Online Payday Loan With Bad Credit?

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    Receive Quotes

    Submit your application form here and then we connect you with some lenders in our network. They are obliged to make a decision as quickly as five minutes. Once approved, they send you a free, no-obligation quote.

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    Accept Offers

    Read carefully through the terms and conditions set out in the quote and see if you are satisfied with them. If so, accept the offer.

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    Get Funded

    You should expect to get the payday loan in as quickly as the next business day from when you accept the offer. However, the exact time you get the money may depend on how much you are requesting and how quickly your bank processes the deposit.

Is It Ever Worth Taking Out a Bad Credit Payday Loan?

How risky is taking out payday loans? Usually, these short-term loans to be repaid by your next payday have high interest rates and can be a tad difficult to repay since the repayment window is so short.

But if you have an urgent cash need and are absolutely sure you can repay the loan by your next payday, then getting a payday loan with bad credit is a no-brainer. It helps even more that some direct lenders offer workable payment plans and require no hard credit check.

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What to Keep in Mind Before Getting Payday Loans Online?

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    Choose the Right Loan

    Before getting your payday loans, ensure you understand the details of the loan you are applying for. Loans advertised as payday loans no credit check by some lenders are mostly untrustable. So check well and be informed.

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    Compare Rates and Terms

    Check with different payday loan lenders to know how much repayment term/window they are willing to let you and at what rate and interest. Typically, the longer the repayment term, the more interest there will be over time.

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    Be Careful of Debt Traps

    Defaulting on payday loans for bad credit often leads to monetary fines. Also, some borrowers may need to borrow from other sources to keep up with their daily financial obligations while repaying their loans.

Payday Loans VS Personal Loan? Which Should I Choose?

Although payday loans and personal loans have a few similarities, they are still quite different on several fronts. Here are some of the key differences.


The interest rates on payday loans are usually higher than those on personal loans. The interest rates are usually higher because they are short-term, unsecured and can be accessed by people with low credit scores.


Payday loans are comparatively easier to get for people with poor or no credit score. You could even land a payday loan with a bank account so far you have a prepaid card account.

Impact on your credit score

A payday loan may have little to no impact on your credit score since most payday lenders don't report to credit bureaus. Personal loan lenders on the other hand do. So your credit score may dip if you fail to repay on time.


  • What are the requirements for online payday loans for bad credit?

    Just about anyone can get access to online payday loans. But they must have a source of income, a social security number, valid email number and a government-issued ID to qualify.

  • How much can I borrow for a payday loan?

    A number of factors come into play to determine how much you can borrow for a payday loan. They include credit history, income qualification criteria, and loan regulations governing the state. But typically, you can borrow anything between $100 and $5,000.

  • How quickly can I receive the loans?

    Once your loan request has been approved and you've shown your consent to the loan's terms, you should expect to receive the loans quickly. Typically, you should receive it as soon as the next business day.

  • What happens if I can't repay my payday loan?

    Payday loan defaulting can typically trigger collection calls and lead to bank overdraft fees. But our partner lenders are keen on helping you through it all. Schedule a call with your lender and see if they have ready a plan to help with your repayment.

  • How risky are payday loans for bad credit?

    High interest rates are analogous to bad credit payday loans. It's only sacrosanct that you patronize services with fair and reasonable interest rates. Our partner lenders embody this. Their interest rates are fair and not over the board. We as loan brokers do not charge any extra for connecting you with a direct lender either.

  • Do I need a guarantor?

    Some lenders require that you have one, while others don't require a guarantor. The beauty of obtaining a loan through a broker like ours is that we have the right lender for you regardless of the category you fall into.

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Payday loans are not as risky as they are touted to be when run by lenders with workable and accommodating payment terms. Our partner lenders are typical examples. You could get up to $5,000 in loan too. Click Get Started now!

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