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What Is Cash Advance?

A cash advance is a short-term loan acquired from a bank or lender. When you're in urgent need of cash, your credit card issuer or lender provides a cash advance option where you can withdraw money instantly.

Cash advances are of three types - credit card cash advance, merchant cash advance, and payday loan. While it is a convenient option in times of need, repayment within a few weeks and high-interest rates and fees are factors that you need to consider beforehand.

Here, at USBadCreditLoans, we provide cash advance with competitive rates for people who need instant cash with our network of reputable lenders. Applying for a cash advance is easy with our online platform, and you can acquire a cash advance despite a low credit score. Once you fulfill our requirements and complete the application form, you will get the lender approval and loan fund quickly within a short period.

How Do Cash Advances Work?

When you're in a tough spot and an emergency suddenly hits you, a fast method to get cash on hand is the way to go. That's where cash advance comes in. With simple application procedures online or offline, you can get a cash advance as soon as the same day, or the next few business days.

Cash advance laws and regulations differ from state to state. States have put certain restrictions on lenders that limit the maximum loan amount, repayment period, additional charges, and interest rates that they can charge. You may not be able to get a cash advance at all if your state doesn't allow it. Be sure to check the rules and regulations of the state you reside in before applying for a cash advance.

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Benefits of Getting a Cash Advance

Suppose that you recently had a car accident and need to repair your car immediately. Or, you need to pay for an emergency medical bill and your payday is still weeks away. Whatever the reasons, you may be confronted with several situations when you need cash on hand.

Cash advance is a solution to get that capital to tackle an urgent situation even though you were denied a loan in the past. It has many advantages, including:

  • You can easily qualify for it.
  • You will receive whatever amount of money you need fast. You don't need to wait for a week or several days before the money is deposited in your bank account.
  • You can apply for a cash advance from the comfort of your home instead of physically going to a branch. The process is completely online and customer service is available at flexible hours in case of inquiry.
  • You can spend the cash advance you acquire on almost anything. There are no restrictions that are otherwise applicable on other loan types.

Where Can I Get Cash Advances?

Cash advances can be obtained in a few different ways:

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    Apply Online

    To apply for a cash advance online, you'll need to submit an application to an online lender. In most cases, the application process is simple and only requires basic information. Once your application goes through, it takes only a few hours or minutes for it to get approved. Finally, you'll get the requested amount in your bank, ready to be withdrawn.

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    Go To an ATM

    You will need a PIN to qualify for a cash advance from an ATM. If you do not have a PIN, you can request one from your credit card issuer. To receive a PIN it may take up 1 business day or more, and there are other restrictions on the amount of money you can withdraw from an ATM.

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    Go To a Bank

    Various banks offer cash advances for new and existing customers. You'll have to contact the bank and ask whether they provide this service and fill out the application. It can take a few days for the bank to process and approve the application.

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    Visit a Pawn Shop

    If your credit history is bad or you only need an amount less than $150, pawn shops are an easy way to get a cash advance fast. Basically, you hand over a valuable item as security until you can repay the amount and attain money equal to the item's value. Failure to repay the pawn shop timely will result in the shop selling the object.

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    Borrow from Family and Friends

    Borrowing money from family and friends is another quick method to get cash. However, you may not be able to get large sums from your relatives. Additionally, in case you can't repay them on time, it creates a bad image and disputes amongst loved ones. Neither does taking a loan from relatives and repaying it timely improve your credit score.

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    Get Convenience Checks

    Convenience checks are quick ways to secure a cash advance. Different from bank checks, they are easier and faster to obtain. You can get in touch with credit card issuers or other lenders who can write you a check. You will have to pay back the money you borrowed with set terms and fees.

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How Do I Obtain a Cash Advance?

With our user-friendly platform, it's easy to apply for a cash advance online whenever you urgently need money. All you have to do is follow these steps:

  • 1

    Submit the Application

    No matter the lender you choose and whether it's an online or offline service, you'll always need to fill out an application form for cash advance. This will include personal information, source of income, and banking information.

  • 2

    Choose a Lender

    If you're applying online through a broker, you'll receive offers from various lenders. It's up to you which lender you choose to go for after comparing the deals. The key to choosing the most suitable lender for your needs is to compare rates and fees along with credibility.

  • 3

    Make It Official

    After you've finalized a lender, it's time to make the deal official. The lender will send you various documents, including terms and conditions and an agreement that you'll have to agree to and sign. Read these documents carefully so you know what you're signing up for.

  • 4

    Withdraw the Money

    Once you've signed the agreement, the lender will send the requested amount to your bank account and you can then withdraw it. Cash advances are a quick method to get money, and you may receive the money as quickly as within a day or even a few hours.

Things To Consider Before Taking Out A Cash Advance

A cash advance may be tempting when you want to manage your finances, but it is essential to consider whether you should take the loan or not, while considering a few other things:

Understand the Concept of Cash Advance

A cash advance is a type of loan that you're borrowing when you don't have that much money in your current bank account or on hand. Borrowing a cash advance from lenders involves the disadvantages of high-interest rates and quick repayment dues.

Know the Expenses and Fees

Cash advance is one of the most expensive transactions you can make. They're even costlier than other loan types because of the transaction fees, i.e., 2-5%, and 3-12% higher APR than standard purchases from debit cards. Plus, once you receive the money, lenders usually start charging high-interest rates from that point onwards.

Consider Your Long-Term Finances

Cash advances can put you in long-term debt, especially if you already need to repay credit card transactions. The high-interest rates and multiple fees make paying back cash advance loans costlier and tougher and catches many people in a spiral of rising debt. Therefore, you should opt for this only in case of an emergency. Be sure to consider other available alternatives, such as student loans, personal loans, and other forms of loans.

What Do I Need To Get A Cash Advance?

To borrow a cash advance, there's an eligibility criterion set by the government. If you qualify according to the criteria, only then can you borrow a cash advance. Some lenders may have additional requirements such as income above a certain amount. Here's what you might need to qualify for a cash advance:

  • Your Government-Issued ID
  • Social security number and
  • Proof of Current Source of Income
  • Personal check (required in some states).
  • Checking Account

What Are The Alternatives To A Cash Advance?

Cash advance is a quick way to borrow money. However, it's not the most recommended method due to the high-interest rates and repayment due date within a short period. Other factors such as a stable income source and a solid credit history are also factors that restrict most borrowers from getting a cash advance. Fortunately, there are various other types of loans you can opt for as shown below:

  • Personal loans

    Numerous banks offer personal loans that you can apply for during a financial crisis. Personal loans have higher borrowing limits than cash advances that go as high as $35,000. Another plus point is that they have lower interest rates and have stricter requirements on credit than cash advance.

  • Installment loans

    With installment loans, you have a variety of options on what you want to do with the money. You can get automobile loans, mortgage loans, student loans, or personal loans through installments. They're more flexible in terms of repayment, have lower interest rates, and are better for consistent expenses rather than a short-term cash advance.

  • Bad Credit Loans

    Most high-end lenders like banks and credit card issuers go through a hard credit check before approving loan applications. For those who have a low credit score or bad credit history, a bad credit loan is an accessible alternative. Lenders offer this facility to such individuals and you can easily get a loan from them.

  • Title Loans

    Another option to go for with a bad credit history is a title loan. For this loan type, you hand over an asset in exchange for a loan that you have to repay in a period set by the lender. The downside is that inability to repay the loan in time leads to losing the asset permanently. Furthermore, title loans come with high-interest rates, too, except in states where their interest rate is fixed.


  • How do I get a cash advance right away?

    There are two methods of getting a cash advance immediately.

    • Call your credit card issuer and request a cash advance via ATM.
    • Apply through an online lender and get the money as quickly as within one business day.
  • How can I get a cash advance with just my pay stubs?

    You can get a cash advance by showing one or several past pay stubs to our lenders. Unlike direct lenders or other financial institutions that set high criteria for your qualification, we can help you get a cash advance with just your pay stubs.

  • Can I get a cash advance at 18?

    Yes. Any individual 18 or above in the US qualifies for a cash advance as long as they have a government-issued ID, proof of source of income, and an active checking account.

  • Do you have to pay back with a cash advance?

    Cash advances need to be repaid to the lenders or banks as long as you took that money. Just as the saying goes, there's no free lunch in the world, you must pay back what you borrow and what you have agreed upon with the lender.

  • Can I borrow cash advances with bad credit?

    Yes. Banks and credit card issuers do not approve applicants with bad credit scores. However, you can apply through an online lender or broker like us who offer bad credit loans.

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