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What Are Payday Loans With No Telecheck?

Payday Loans are short-term unsecured loans typically repaid with the next paycheck or in installments over a few months. Payday loan amounts are usually small and come with high-interest rates and fees.

A payday loan can come in handy when you're facing unexpected expenses and have no cash on you. Traditional lenders will check your credit history as part of the requirement for a payday loan or any other type of loan. They'll reject your loan request if your credit score falls below a minimum standard or if you have no history.

Many lenders rely on Teletrack to ascertain your loan history and determine your ability to repay the loans. However, a payday loan with no Teletrack implies that your lender won't consider your credit background too much, and you can still get a payday loan with a less satisfactory credit history.

What Are The Differences Between A Telecheck And A Regular Credit Check?

Teletrack is a credit reporting agency that functions similarly to the big three - TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. Compared to the big three, Teletrack focuses more on the applicant's ability to manage debts, as reflected in their historical financial behavior. Teletrack reports also provide lenders valuable information on consumers, such as income, employment, and loan payment history.

Furthermore, the big bureaus consider creditworthiness strictly in terms of good or bad credit scores. In contrast, Teletrack monitors and reports consumers' behavior which could affect their repayment ability.

What Does Credit Score 400 Means?

A credit score (FICO) of 400 is considered very poor. Scores within 300 to 579 are considered bad credit scores and can reduce your chances of getting a loan, especially from traditional lenders. A poor/bad credit reflects your credit history, payment history, credit utilization, new credit application, and credit mix.

Even when you can get a payday lender willing to overlook the poor credit score of around 400, be prepared to pay higher interests and fees. Sometimes, the lender may even require you to collateralize the loan to mitigate their risks.

Can I Get Payday Loans With No Teletrack Through US Installment Loans?

Credit checks, including Teletrack, are essential to credit approval processes, even for payday loans. At US Installment Loans, we'll connect you with lenders that rely more on assessing your ability to repay, referencing your income and employment status for easy approval.

You can access the right loan from our partner lenders in four easy steps:

  1. Upload information. Submit your details using our secured online form. You can complete this at your convenience from any internet-enabled device.
  2. Select an offer. You'll receive several offers from our extensive network of trusted lenders based on your information. Compare the offers and make your choice.
  3. Review and sign the loan agreements. Once you accept the offer, the lender will end your loan agreements which you'll carefully review before signing off.
  4. Get funds. After your confirmation, lenders will release the fund, and you will receive the loan amount in your account as quickly as a few hours.

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How do US Instalment Loans Improve Your Payday Loans Experience?

When you need a quick payday loan, and your credit score is as low as 400, you might find it challenging to get payday loan offers. US Instalments Loans save you time and the hassles of looking for a payday loan by linking you with a vast network of reputable online lenders specializing in bad credit loans. Here are why you should choose US Installment Loans:

Bad Credit Friendly

US Installment Loan partners with lenders that perform soft credit checks to get more information about your financial habits, and soft checks will not hurt your credit score. As lenders within our network consider repayment ability more important than credit score, your bad credit will not be an obstacle when you get loans through us!

Large Pool of Partner Lenders

More lenders, more choices. We'll connect you to a massive pool of over 100 licensed and reputable direct lenders who can give you payday loan offers with low scores as low as 400. You can compare the different offers before deciding on the right one for you.

Data Protection

At US Installment Loans, we ensure your data are secure and your identity protected. Our partner lenders are state-accreditated online direct lenders who follow data security best practices. They'll ensure you never become a victim of identity theft.

Get Funds Instantly

Payday loans are for emergencies. Our partner lenders ensure you receive the funds quickly into your account when you need them after accepting an offer and signing the agreement. Depending on the lender, the process typically takes a few hours up to a few business days. But in most cases, you will get funds into your accounts as soon as the same day.

How Does US Installment Loans Compare?

default imgWhy Us
How much do I qualify for?Up to $35000Competitive rates
What's the max loan length?Up to 36 monthsFast decisions
Do lenders check my credit?YesSoft credit checks
All credit levels accepted?YesBad credit doesn't matter
Chances of approvalGoodHigh approval rates
When am I allowed to apply?24/7 onlineEasy application
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What Should I Expect To Pay For A No Teletrack Loan?

Payday loans are expensive, as the state-enforced rates typically range from $10 to $30 per $100 borrowed, summing up to an APR (Annual Percentage Rate) of about 400%. To put this in perspective, consider that the average APR for personal loans in the US range from 10.3% to 32%, depending on your credit score, lender, and economic situation.

On top of the high-interest rate, you have to pay rollover fees if you fail to meet your payment date and the local law allows you to roll it over. To extend the due date of your loan, the lender charges you extra fees, while the principal amount you were supposed to repay remains unchanged.

To better explain this, let’s take a $100 payday loan as an example. If you took a payday loan of $100 with an interest rate of 30%, you would have to pay a total of $130 in as little as 2 - 3 weeks. If you fail to repay by the agreed due date, the lender changes you the interest of $30 and the rollover fee of $30, making a total payable fee of $60 for a $100 payday loan with a mere three weeks duration.

What Are The Requirements To Get A No Teletrack Loan?

The basic requirements for getting a no Teletrack payday loan are not much different from other online loans. For starters, you must be a US resident and above 18 years old. Then, you'll fill out the simple online form and present the following:

  • Verifiable proof of income
  • An active checking account
  • A valid means of Identification (government-issued)

Some lenders may ask for other requirements and documents in addition to these to aid their loan approval processes. These documents are usually your proof of income and employment status.

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What Are The Advantages Of No Teletrack Loans?

No Teletrack loans do not require payday lenders to go through credit history on the Teletrack platform or any other credit bureau, which makes it appealing to consumers needing urgent cash but with abysmal credit scores. Other benefits of no Teletrack loan include:

No impact on your credit score

Since no Teletrack lenders do not pull a hard credit inquiry on you, your credit score won't be adversely impacted. As a result, you won't further worsen your credit score and jeopardize your chances of improving your credit and getting better loan deals.

Minimal documentation

Obtaining a no Teletrack loan online doesn't require you to do any paperwork. The loan approval and process are entirely online, and you can set the auto repayment as you wish.

Quick and convenient

Thanks to the easy requirements and the soft checks, the time to approval and loan disbursal is typically shortened. You'll get funds in as little as the same day of submitting your details online.

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