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When we think of loans, we may oftentimes imagine long lines of people at the bank completing numerous paperwork to get the financial help they need. Days to weeks of waiting then follow.

While this was a thing in the past, things have since turned a corner with the advent of instant loan apps. The entire loan procedure, from application to final approval, through to funding now takes place entirely online, and within a few minutes to hours.

$50 Instant loan apps are applications designed to give you small amounts of money or cash advances, usually about $50 and more, to help you tide easily over financial emergencies before your next paycheck comes in.

This article reviews the six best $50 instant loan apps, known for their quick funding, zero-interest-rate policy, and other financial products.

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How Do Instant Loan Apps Work?

A financial crisis has the potential to upend anyone's life at any moment. What happens if your money needs are really dire? Waiting around for everything to be done at the bank may take too long, which is the last thing anybody wants in an emergency.

With an instant loan app, you can request a loan or cash advance and get it within hours after approval. Approvals come in pretty quickly too.

Here's how it works:

  • Download the instant loan app
  • Fill out the form
  • Provide any necessary documents
  • Wait for final approval

6 Best $50 Loan Instant Apps of 2022

With numerous flashy ads on different loan services and apps popping up on our browsers and social media timelines these days, knowing which service works for you and which doesn’t may be a little difficult. For this reason, we have helped you with a list of the best $50 loan apps available right now. The selection was done based on the following metrics - interest rates, hidden fees, customer ratings, loan amounts, security, number of features, and subscription fee.


This is a great instant loan app to turn to if you are running low on cash. With Dave, you can get an instant loan of up to $500. This credit cap is designed to guide against compulsive borrowing, so users don’t have to worry about borrowing more than they can handle.

This cash advance solution offers these cash advances when you are close to overdrawing your bank account, and at zero interest too. An overdraft can cost you about $34 on average. The app runs no credit checks on your profile before qualifying you for a cash advance.

Dave users enjoy more than cash advances. For instance, it has an automatic budgeting system that tracks your income, monitors your spending pattern, and upcoming bills and helps you prepare a budget based on these. It also has a service that connects you with side gigs that can fetch you some extra cash.


  • 0% interest rate
  • No fees
  • Up to $500 loan
  • Monitoring of budgeting features


May require access to one’s bank account


PaydaySay is an instant loan app created to help employed folks with little cash stay afloat till their next paycheck comes in. This solution, available 24/7, is a linking service that connects customers with reliable providers who can provide them with the exact cash they need.

This instant loan app is free to use, and its users can access anything between $100- $5000 on it depending on their financial needs and the state’s lending laws.


  • Free to use
  • Connects to different lenders quickly
  • Easy to apply for a loan
  • High loan amounts (up to $5000)


  • High-interest rates
  • Users must have a regular source of income


MoneyLion is your one-stop-place for cash advances and nearly all digital financial products. The mobile banking platform offers its users up to $1000 credit builder loans, and zero-interest cash advances up to $250. It is the perfect place to get instant cash, save money, earn and also invest.

MoneyLion, featured in the 2020 Forbes Fintech 50 list, also provides credit monitoring services from TransUnion. Since on-time payments are reported to all three credit bureaus, borrowing and paying in due time can be a good way to build one’s credit over time. What’s more? You can set up auto investing with zero maintenance fees and minimum balance requirements.


  • No interest rates
  • Free to use
  • Has auto investment features
  • Can be used to monitor credit


  • Required to pay tax after one year of investment gain or loss
  • Late loan payments will also be reported to credit bureaus


Earnin is the perfect gateway to receiving your paycheck a few days ahead of your usual payday. In most cases, getting a cash advance via Earnin is a better alternative to a payday loan. The app, available to both Android and iOS users has a Balance Shield feature that alerts you if your balance goes below a certain amount. This helps you avoid overdrawing your account. Like a few other resources on this list, it is free to use.

Earnin provides up to $500 of your paycheck per pay period. It also provides you with access to your entire paycheck up to two days sooner.


  • Up to $500 instant loan
  • Alerts to keep you notified when your account balance falls below a set limit
  • 0% interest rate
  • No additional fees


  • Restricted to use only in the U.S.
  • Can’t use the app if your bank is not on the Earnin app list


Chime is a fintech company that offers loans of up to $200 on debit cards with no overdrafts. The debit card is free and Chime doesn’t charge any fees for debit purchases. The Visa credit card is the option to go with if you want to build your credit history.

The mobile banking app can also be used to cash out early advances or loans up to $100 before your next paycheck comes in. Like Dave, Chime doesn’t run any credit checks before qualifying you for a loan. But they may use other methods to cross-check all information entered during the application.

Finally, Chime allows you to send money to loved ones at zero extra cost, regardless of their payment method or bank.


  • Free to use
  • Offers savings plan
  • Send money to loved ones who don’t have an account
  • No minimum balance requirements


  • Cannot be used where Visa debit cards are not accepted


Brigit is a small paycheck advance loan app that is popular for its budgeting and credit-building features. In the assessment of your creditworthiness, Brigit focuses on your checking account rather than paycheck and employment. To qualify for a cash advance, your checking account must be at least 60 days old and must have a balance greater than $0.

The app is pretty easy to set up and its users have access to a plethora of budgeting, savings and credit monitoring tools. It also has an identity theft protection feature.


  • No interest rates
  • Savings and budgeting tools
  • Grants up to $250 in loans
  • No late payment fees


  • Inapplicable to joint checking accounts

Are Instant Loan Apps Safe to Use? Aren’t They Scams?

The instant loan app concept isn’t a scam but there are scam instant loan apps. That’s why we have assisted you in highlighting the most reliable crop. The above-listed loan apps also employ industry-leading security infrastructure, so you can be sure your personal and financial information is safe and secure while interacting with the app.

Are There Alternatives to Apps for Instant Money?

Loan apps aren’t the only gateways to solving your money problems. You may also explore any of the following alternatives:

Take out a payday loan

Payday loans are short-term loans taken out against one’s next paycheck. Their biggest plus is that they are available to bad credit borrowers too. These borrowers may in fact not need to need a co-signer or collateral to secure it. Payday loans are also one of the best options for you if you have bad credit.

You can enjoy the best payday loan offers courtesy of US Installment Loans. This loan broker will connect you with lenders who charge competitively low-interest rates and can provide you with as little as $50, up to $5000. Perhaps, most importantly, its partner lenders run only soft credit checks.

Borrow money from your loved ones

You can always seek help from family and friends if you do not fancy the instant loan app option. Your loved one will likely be inclined to help you how and when they can. The interest rate charged on the borrowed cash, if any at all, may be little too. However, you may strain your relationship with them if you don’t honor your agreement.

Build an emergency fund

You can set up an emergency fund. The term "emergency fund" refers to the sum of money set up for use in the event of a sudden and unexpected expense. An emergency fund is a savings account intended for unexpected, large costs, such as medical care or substantial house repairs, that may help a person feel more financially secure.

Sell unwanted items

Need quick cash? Why not sell all the unwanted stuff piled up in your store? Those old clothes in your wardrobe or unused gadgets on your shelves can be sold for some good, quick cash. There are many classified ad sites like Craigslist and eBay where you can put them up for sale and earn some cool cash.

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Final Thoughts

Instant loan apps are a great option when looking to get quick cash. While instant loan apps offer numerous perks and downsides, the good frequently exceeds the bad. Therefore, if you need quick cash to solve an emergency crisis, an instant cash app is a great option.

However, these applications shouldn't be considered except as a last resort. Use these services on a regular basis, and you may find that the ongoing monthly costs, one-time expenses, and the possibility of high-interest rates really work against you financially rather than for you.

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