10 Best Cash Advance Apps Like Dave

Short on cash with your payday a few days away? Why not get a cash advance of $25-$500 using any of the following apps? Want something higher? Then you may want to apply for a loan on US Installment Loans where you can get up to $5000 payday loans.

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What Is Dave?

Dave is a cash advance app that grants its users small advances up to $200 at zero interest rate. For years, it’s been a lifesaver for people who need small cash for emergencies. Thankfully, it has a zero interest policy, so you need not worry about those hefty interest fees.

Its low maximum loan amounts guides against compulsive borrowing. A user is more likely to take out only what they need and an advance on only what they’ve earned.

Some of Dave’s features include:

  • Express or instant cash transfer
  • Credit building
  • Budgeting feature that helps you track your spending habits against your income
  • A side hustle feature that helps users find flexible work or side hustles to earn extra income
  • Spending account that holds deposits and facilitates payments and transfers

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10 Best Cash Advance Apps Like Dave

Dave’s $1 monthly membership fee may be very affordable, but there are alternatives without this monthly levy. Want to see it? Take a look at the following alternatives if you need higher loan amounts or particular perks and features absent in Dave. Here are the best cash advance apps like Dave:


Tired of bank fees and cash advance app monthly fees? Use Chime! Unlike Dave, Chime accounts are free to use. New users are allowed to get up to $20, while this credit limit increases to $200 over time and with continual usage. Using the disable feature on the app, you can immediately disable your debit card if you lose it or notice any suspicious transaction on it.


Earnin is a cash advance app that allows you to borrow against the cash you’ve earned days before your usual payday. The app calculates cash earned either by tracking how long the user has been at their workplace (using their phone’s GPS) or via the user’s submitted timesheet. It is ideal for on-demand or hourly workers. A borrower can take out $100 per pay period. This limit can get as high as $500 later on, more than twice what you get on Dave.


MoneyLion offers its users $25-$250 cash advances at zero interest or fees. Its users may also enjoy other services like financial tracking, credit-builder loans, and mobile bank and investment accounts. Typically, it takes 12 to 48 hours to process funding. You can process instant delivery too for a token.


Brigit users are another set of users that enjoy so much more in addition to cash advances. You get loads of financial advice and budgeting tips on its free plan. On its paid plan, you get everything included in the free plan plus credit monitoring, cash advances between $50 and $250, and automatic deposits when your account is at risk of overdrawing.


Even is a good small loan resource for employed individuals who get paid via direct deposits. It allows workers access up to 50% of their earned wages days before their usual payday. The app needs to get payroll information from the user’s employer to track how much they’ve earned. The borrowed cash may then be gotten via direct deposit or picked up at any nearby Walmart store.

Ingo Money

Ingo Money is a fintech service and pay advance app that facilitates cash deposits, inbound digital transfers and payments, bill payment and balance transfers, check cashing and deposits. You may earn some points and improve your chances of winning some free Amazon gift cards when your friends and loved ones register via your referral code.


Empower has a number of features, including a budgeting tool and a few others you will be hard pressed to find on Dave. Its users enjoy small cash advances up to $250. They also enjoy 10% cash back's on qualifying purchases at hundreds of restaurants and grocery stories. Some of its other features include smart financial recommendations and automated savings.


DailyPay is deservedly on this list as one of the best alternatives to Dave. It gives you an early advance on your earnings, which is usually added to your DailyPay account daily and can be transferred to your bank anytime you want for $1.99. This fee is comparable to what Dave charges. There’s a provision for instant transfer, which costs $2.99.


FloatMe, just like Dave, has a no-interest policy. The app also doesn’t conduct any credit checks before qualifying you for a loan. This cash advance app is specially designed for millennials, allowing them to receive small loans up to $50 when their accounts are on the verge of overdrawing.

Axos Bank

This is one other financial service you may want to consider. Unlike Dave, there are no monthly subscription fees here. You get access to an advance on earned cash by opening a high-yield savings and checking account with Axos Bank. You may also earn up to 1% cashback on all transactions made from this account.

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Pros and Cons of Cash Advance Apps Like Dave

Cash advance apps like Dave have the advantage of zero subscription fees. However, they have their own fair share of cons, too, that could make people rethink borrowing money via them. What are the pros and cons of cash advance apps? Do the pros outnumber the cons? Let’s see


Quick funding: Cash advances from loan apps are processed really quickly. Some can even deposit the requested cash into your checking account a minute or two after your application, but you may be charged for an express deposit.

Cheaper than overdraft fee: While a bank overdraft fee is usually about $35 or more, most app fees cost under $10. Dave, for instance, costs only $1 in subscription fees. Some, like Albert, are even free.

Budgeting tools and extra features: Many of these apps have savings and budgeting tools borrowers can use to plan their finances and make better financial decisions in the long term.


Encourages compulsive borrowing: Because it is easy to access cash, certain users may get used to borrowing cash for borrowing’s sake.

Low loan amounts: The cash advance or loans obtainable from these apps are comparatively lower than what you get from direct lenders

Alternatives to Cash Advance Apps

US Installment Loans

An installment loan from US Installment Loans is a good alternative to small loans from cash advance apps. You can request loans with repayment terms up to 72 months to be disbursed within the same day or the following business day after approval.


Need higher loan amounts? Apply for a personal loan on PersonalLoans. This broker connects you to reliable lenders for free. Many of the lenders within its network grant personal loans up to $35000. These loans are accessible to good and bad credit borrowers alike.


BadCreditLoans is the loan resource of choice for many bad credit borrowers. This broker connects borrowers to some of the best bad credit loans offers available. To help protect applicants’ ailing credit, its partner lenders run only soft credit checks on the applicant.


CashAdvance is great for loan applicants who need medium loan amounts. This broker connects you to loans up to $10000. The service is free to use; that is, it charges zero origination fee for connecting borrowers to these loan deals. Its partner lenders charge relatively low-interest rates.

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Dave and its alternative cash advance apps are reliable loan services you can trust when in need of little loans to settle some bills. However, if your financial emergencies need a lot more money, you may want to apply for a loan via a cash advance app alternative like US Installment Loans. Fill out this short, simple form now to get started.

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