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What Is a 3-Month Payday Loan?

A 3-month payday loan is a short-term cash advance ranging from $100 to $5000. It does not require any collateral from the borrower nor does its approval rely on having a high credit score.

The 3-month payday loan is designed to provide fast financial assistance to people who require quick cash or use it as a supporting means to get by till the next payday.

It is called a 3-month payday loan because the repayment term is less than 90 days or 3 months. In general, this kind of loan is easier to get but has higher interests and fees.

How Do 3-Month Payday Loans Compare to Installment Loans?

Payday loans and installment loans differ in terms of payment mechanisms, lending terms, and other loan requirements. Here is a comparison between the two.

Installment Loans

An installment loan requires you to repay the amount borrowed in accordance with a pre-designed schedule. This means that the dates of repayment are fixed and the borrower needs to repay the loan in installments on these given dates. The term of the loan repayment can exceed 3 months.

3-Month Payday Loans

3-Month payday loans are for a much shorter duration than installment loans. They have higher interest rates and need to be repaid by the borrower as a lump sum amount instead of installments. The 3-month payday loan must be repaid before completion of the 3-month period.

Basic Requirements for Getting a 3-Month Payday Loan

The basic requirements for getting this loan vary from lender to lender. There are also different regulatory frameworks depending upon the state in which you are borrowing the money.

In general, the eligibility criteria for the 3-Month Loans include:

  • 18 Years of Age or Older
  • Be US Citizens or Permanent US Residents
  • Have an Active Bank Account
  • Have a Legitimate Source of income
  • Have an Active Phone Number and Email

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Can I Get 3-Month Payday Loans with US Installment Loans?

Yes, you can get a 3-month loan with the assistance of US Installment Loans. We partner you with reputable lenders who offer 3-moth payday loans at a good value. Our lenders will approve your loan application online so that you don’t have to visit physical loan stores and wait for a long time.

US Installment Loans has a very simple and quick procedure to get your lending process started. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Submit your information by filling in the application form.
  2. Receive several offers from our reputable lenders.
  3. Select a suitable quote and sign the agreement.
  4. Get your money as soon as the following business day.

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What Are the Benefits of Getting a 3-Month Payday Loan?

Any of us can face a cash shortage before our payday. A 3-month payday loan can be very beneficial to overcome the short-term shortfall of money. It allows the borrower access to fast cash even if they have bad credit and no collateral to offer.

Here are some of the most notable benefits of getting a 3-month payday loan.

Quick Loan Disbursement

Unlike traditional bank loans, 3-month payday loans get processed and approved in a lesser time period. It saves you from the hassle of waiting for a traditional payday loan to arrive in the bank.

Get Loans Even with Bad Credit

This type of loan is most beneficial for people who have a bad credit score. Regardless of your credit score, there is a large pool of potential lenders who will consider offering you payday loans for bad credit.

No Hard Credit Check

Most payday lenders only perform a soft credit check, which does not harm your credit. It also increases your chances of being approved for a payday loan.

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