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What Is a Legit Payday Loan?

A legit payday loan is a payday loan that is lawfully supplied to you. That said, the payday lender must obey governmental regulations and financial market standards. Both online lenders and traditional lending companies should comply with the same rules.

Since the payday loan is a short-term loan with a repayment term of two to four weeks, it usually carries a very high-interest rate. However, the interest rates and maximum loan amounts are capped in many states. Before getting a payday loan, you should check the current regulations in your state to assess whether the loan is legit or not.

How to Know If the Payday Loan is Legit?

The legitimacy of the payday loan is very important. To critically assess online payday loans, you should pay attention to the following factors.

  • BBB (Better Business Bureau) approved lenders: BBB assists consumers in determining authentic and reliable businesses. To obtain secure payday loans, see whether your lender is accredited by BBB or not.
  • Get themselves registered: Legit lenders do register themselves with state agencies and then begin their operations. However, if your lender does not maintain such registration then it indeed is illegal.
  • Follows state restrictions: Legit payday lenders obey state regulations and set max limits accordingly. You must be knowledgeable of state regulations to rationally evaluate the legality of your lender.
  • Does not demand advance payments: Legit lenders never demand advance payments before the contract. The origination fee will be deducted from the loan amount and you won't be charged any fee before getting the loan.
  • Clearly define charges: Legit payday lenders clearly explain their service fees and additional charges without misleading consumers in any way. Furthermore, they cannot exceed the limits concerning fees and everything must be understandably mentioned in the contract.
  • Authentic contact information: Getting only an email address and contact form is not enough, the legitimate lender must provide live support, phone assistance, and a physical address.
  • Never assure approval: Legit lenders never ensure a loan approval. Such claims are usually made by illegitimate lenders and they attract consumers by making fancy offers. Therefore, carefully evaluate the lender's rightfulness.

US Installment Loans Provides Legit Online Payday Loans

US Installment Loans allow you to obtain secure payday loans comfortably. We will connect you with legit lenders to satisfy your financial needs. Here are some benefits you will get when applying for a payday loan with us.

  • Save your energy and time: You no longer need to struggle to search for legitimate lenders. We will connect you with dependable, ethical legit payday lenders that offer responsible payday loans at a good value. All you have to do is fill out a simple form on our website.
  • No hidden fees: You will not be charged any fees for our broker services.
  • Information protection: We employ the latest encryption technology to prevent data breaches. Your personal and financial information will be kept confidential and safe.

How Does US Installment Loans Compare?

default imgWhy Us
How much do I qualify for?Up to $35000Competitive rates
What's the max loan length?Up to 36 monthsFast decisions
Do lenders check my credit?YesSoft credit checks
All credit levels accepted?YesBad credit doesn't matter
Chances of approvalGoodHigh approval rates
When am I allowed to apply?24/7 onlineEasy application
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Who Is Eligible for Legit Online Payday Loans?

Wondering whether you are eligible for secure online payday loans or not? The fundamental eligibility criteria include:

  • You should be at least 18 years old.
  • You should have a tax ID number or social security number.
  • You should have a stable resource of income.
  • You should have an active bank account.
  • You should be able to provide your personal information (address, phone number, email address, etc).

Be sure to provide the right information in order to get approved for online instant payday loans.

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How to Get Legit Online Payday Loans with US Installment Loans

US Installment Loan is the rational choice to get safe payday loans online. We kept the process simple so that you don't experience any difficulty or inconvenience. Simply follow these steps:

  • Complete an online form: You need to submit your information to initiate the application process. We will transfer your loan application to legit lenders in our network.
  • Receive offers: You will get multiple offers but are not bound to accept them if you are not satisfied. It is more useful to assess the offers by considering merits and demerits.
  • Contract signing: Select an offer If you find it suitable. You should then sign an agreement with the lender. Moreover, the contract can be signed online and a physical visit is not mandated.
  • Receive funds: Get funds in your bank account without hold as early as the next working day.
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