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What Are Personal Loans By Phone?

A personal loan by phone is a personal loan you can get easily using your smartphone. You can get the funds via a mobile web browser or a mobile app. During the application process for a personal loan by phone, everything is done digitally without the need to visit any physical location. Starting from the submission of information to getting approval from the lender and disbursement of funds, everything happens over the phone.

Why Should I Get Personal Loans Over the Phone?

Getting personal loans over the phone is already convenient and quick. Apart from that, here are some reasons why borrowers choose to get personal loans through their phones.

  • Anywhere, anytime. When you are in need of quick funds, a personal loan over the phone can be your savior. Whether you are traveling, at the office, or at home; whenever it's day or night, you can get a personal loan via your mobile phone almost instantly.
  • Unlimited usage. Unlike getting loans or financial assistance through traditional banks or credit unions, there is no limitation on how you use the online personal loans you got over the phone. There are various ways you can spend your money on your needs, from personal purchases to home renovations, or even for debt consolidation.
  • Larger amount available. Compared to typical online loans such as payday loans, you can apply for a higher amount, up to $35,000 of a personal loan. You can use this large amount to cover high unexpected expenses as you wish. Large amount loans also allow you to perform financial turnover more efficiently and more comfortably.

Can I Get Personal Loans With Bad Credit Over the Phone?

Bad credit often affects the chances of getting your loan request approved. However, even if you have an unpleasant credit history, there are ways to get a personal loan over the phone.

If you want to avoid all hassles of getting personal loans with poor credit through your phone, look no further than US Installment Loans. Most of our lenders consider the repayment ability of the borrowers over their credit score to decide whether to release the fund or not. As long as you are capable of making constant repayments, your personal loan request can get approved by the lenders with ease.

How Can I Get Personal Loans Through US Installment Loans by Phone?

US Installment Loans is a browser-based online loan service platform, and it is designed to work on almost all electronic devices. It can be accessed through your PC, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. Getting a personal loan through US Installment Loans is simple and straightforward. All you need to do is follow the steps below.

  1. Submit Information. You need to submit your valid personal information in addition to the supporting documents on our online submission portal.
  2. Select offers and rates. We will forward your information to our network of partner lenders. You will then be provided with a list of lenders and their loan options. Choose the most suitable one by comparing their rates and terms.
  3. Update banking details and receive funds. Provide your correct banking information and receive the funds at the earliest time possible.

Why Should I Choose to Get Personal Loans from US Bad Credit Loans Over the Phone?

Here are some of the most convincing reasons to get mobile loans from US Bad Credit Loans.

Easy Phone Access

You can get loans directly through your smartphones. We enable you to gain access to finish the whole process just on your phone with clear instructions and an easy-to-use user interface.

Instant Response and Process

Once you submit your information on our platform, we will deliver your request to our lenders right away. Most of the lenders we work with will process your request instantly, so you will get a response without a long waiting time.

Huge Partner Lenders Network

More lenders, more choices! We have a huge network of industry-leading loan lenders in the market. You can connect with the reputable lenders on our network and get your loans approved easily and quickly.

Quick Funding

When you are in dire need of funds, you can count on us. After the lender you choose to work with approves your request, they will start processing the funds immediately, and you can get funds as soon as the next business day.

Competitive Interest Rates

Interest rates play a vital role in determining the total amount you will have to repay, and it is an important thing to consider when getting loans online. Thanks to our vast lender network on our platform, you can get loans at competitive interest rates at competitive rates.

I'm Getting a Personal Loan by Phone, Can I Avoid Credit Check?

In short, you can’t get any loans without credit checks, as credit checks are the mandatory process when a financial institution releases a loan due to regulation. However, the best part is that many lenders on our network will perform a credit soft pull instead of a hard pull, to determine your creditworthiness.

Also, most lenders we partner with consider other factors rather than just your credit score, including current income, debt situation, and employment status, to assess the repayment ability of each applicant.

What Are the Alternatives to Personal Loans Over the Phone?

When you are in need of quick funds to resolve your financial emergencies, over-the-phone loans can always help. However, it does have some disadvantages too. For instance, if you are not comfortable with smartphones, getting a loan by phone may not be your ideal funding option. Moreover, there are also high upfront fees involved when obtaining large amounts of personal loans by phone.

The good news is that US Installment Loans also offer various loan services as well. If you are not comfortable with getting a loan via your phone, and you don’t want to pay high charges for a loan, you can submit your request through our website portal on your PC and get connected with our lender, who also offers other loan options with competitive rates such as payday loans, title loans, and installment loans.

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