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Credit union

Landmark Credit Union W Rawson Ave, Franklin

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(262) 796-4500




7745 W Rawson Ave, Franklin, WI 53132

Landmark Credit Union Reviews

10 Reviews
  • A

    Aleksandr Gerasyuta

    Would give negative stars if we could, wasted 5 full days trying to get pre-approval for a boat loan though it is clearly stated that it takes 20 hours on their website. Numerous 20+ minute calls to be put on hold, empty promises of call backs and making the seller jump through hoops by providing copies of the title and registration, stating how difficult out of State loans are (they aren’t) and finally coming back with a “bare bones” price on the boat without the price of the trailer included in it. Why would a boat need a trailer since it can just fly to the body of water it will be used on?!?! Do not waste your time with Landmark because having a 740 credit score and a high income will not get you anywhere with their underwriting department that will make you get engine and trailer ID numbers just to ignore the value of them after they supposedly look it up. Complete and utter waste of time and you don’t need to take my word for it, read all the reviews.

  • H

    Herb Raasch

    I opened an account to teach my 5 year old son to save money. He collected and crushed cans and save any money he found or earned to have deposited into an account at landmark. We made several attempts to take his penny bank up to our local branch to deposit his hard earned money but the branch told use they were not taking coins due to COVID. So my son waited and continued to save. Well today, I went into the branch to deposit his money only to find out the $45.00 he worked so hard to save was debited $5.00 a month for inactivity, knocking the kid back down. This is a terrible credit union that has poor business practices. We will no longer do our banking or take loans from this organization. Why to stick it to a five year old! You guys must be so proud!

  • L

    Lori Schommer

    Why is lobby still closed Dec 2020. Other banks and credit union s have lobby’s open. Your drive thru is so extremely slow. Plus you don’t take the cars in the order they arrive. You shouldn’t take drive ups from the ATM only line when there are long lines of cars in the other lines. Unfair practice

  • B


    Every time I go to this Landmark Branch I get great service. I am considering switching all my banking over to Landmark from BMO Harris. I have obtained 4 car loans in the past 6 years from Landmark and have received the best rates and such great customer service. My last two loans were serviced by Janell St.John Knuth. What a professional and friendly banker!!! She went above and beyond in taking care of my needs! I would recommend this Landmark Branch to everyone!!

  • S


    I normally have no issues with the tellers at any landmark credit union, however, I'm not content with the service I received today. The lady who helped me spoke to me like I was unintelligent and raised the tone in her voice which was not necessary. I'd like to come back to this location so hopefully this is addressed.

  • M

    Mike Kulik

    I'm almost ready to move my accounts. With the lobby closed I've spent almost 2 hours in line in the drive up on my last two visits to the Franklin branch. That is utterly ridiculous! Open the damn lobby! You already have more protection in place than most retailers! With a few additions you'd be ready to go.

  • J

    Jamie M.

    Landmark Credit Union gave me a chance where as 7 other well known banks and 3 neighborhood Ma and Pa banks wouldn't give me a 2nd look. Long story short, I had an ex that took out of my savings and was making false deposits through the ATM to take out cash! It made me look horrible since he had my account and pin number. But at 22years old, At a old Wal-mart branch a woman set me up with a savings. I have been banking with them since. It has been 10yrs + . Customer service is pretty good, once in a while you will get someone new who is training, or a crab a##. But there is not one place that is 100% perfect. Rates are fair, and they even have a branch open on Sundays! Overall, I enjoy this bank, the employees recognize their customers and are usually fast, polite and will explain any questions you may have. Plus to open and keep a account is only $5.00! You can't go wrong!

  • J

    Jayne Larson

    I have been with Landmark (former BASCO credit union) since 1972. I would not still be her if I didn't like it. There would be five stars instead of four, but its's a little further to drive now that you're on Rawson. 4/28/20 The few times I've had to bank in person have sadly been unpleasant. From untrained tellers, to an extrememly inconveniently located ATM. I realize that is not the branches fault for the location of the ATM but maybe they could campaign to have it moved out the drive thru lane area.

  • D

    Denise Cappo

    The drive thru is extremely slow. And to use the ATM, you have to wait in line because that lane is open always. Ive been here a few times and easily waited a half hr each time. Slow always! And the ATM is located in an awful spot!

  • J

    Jessica Allen

    Janell was so friendly and knowledgeable as well! She really went above and beyond to help me with my banking questions! Even though it’s a bigger credit union chain, I felt like it was a hometown one, because of the way the staff made it so accessible! Highly recommend this location!

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  • 1. What Can I Do to Get in Touch With Landmark Credit Union?

    They Can Be Contacted through the phone number (262) 796-4500. You may also go to their website and submit your information.
  • 3. How Can I Take Out A Loan at Landmark Credit Union?

    Simply submit your information on their website. If you feel like learning about other financial services, take a look at instant installment loans provided through a reliable online broker.
  • 5. What Do I Do if I Cannot Pay Back My Loan?

    Reach out to the lender and come to an agreement in advance. You should know, however, if it"s an auto title loan, your vehicle will be took by the lender when you default.
  • 2. Where Is Landmark Credit Union? How to Go to Its Store?

    The address of Landmark Credit Union is 7745 W Rawson Ave, Franklin, WI 53132. Open the map app on your phone for directions.
  • 4. Is Landmark Credit Union an Agency or a Lender?

    Landmark Credit Union is a Credit union that gives different kinds of loans. Check out our platform to learn about various types of loans including online personal loans.
  • 6. Can I Obtain a Loan From Landmark Credit Union With A Bad Credit Score?

    Yes, you can. But peruse the conditions and terms as there can be unfavorable terms when it comes to bad credit loans.