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Educational Community Credit Union Grand St, Springfield

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+1 417-831-0534


1221 Grand St, Springfield, MO 65804, United States

Educational Community Credit Union Reviews

10 Reviews
  • M

    Maria Gibson

    The staff is always very friendly and personable, so if you’re looking for a positive in person experience, they provide that. The actual banking experience is less desirable. The online banking UI/UX is amateur and often not available. My debit card sometimes doesn’t work with different POS systems.They put a new online banking interface into production on a Friday before the holiday weekend and there was no migration from the previous system. I was also unable to access my information from their ATM and the staff was obviously unavailable. When I went in their next day back in the office, the teller couldn’t help me bc she ‘forgot (her) own password to get into the system’. The tech guy was off and the one person helping people was backed up taking calls and trying to help people in person. So yeah, friendly, but not really the best or most reliable banking option.

  • R


    Online banking leaves a lot to be desired. I have an auto loan here, but use USAA for banking. I understand my standards are high because of USAA. However I’ve noticed I’m not able to reset my password. Not being able to reset my password is ridiculous and makes checking my account after impossible at this point in time.

  • J

    Janet Marie Leo

    Our family has had multiple accounts with them and they’ve been nothing but gracious. I would recommend ECCU to anyone who wants personalize service.

  • n

    n r

    They will steal your money anyway they can. Do not believe the credit limit they give...in what world do you call to access your credit limit? It is a short term loan but they want you to think of it like a credit limit so when you try to use it as such it gets denied and you lose money. Imagine having a $200 credit limit being overdrawn by $39 dollars so that should come out of the $200 credit limit right? Nope...they deny send it back and then charge you a $30 return fee plus all the additional fees you will get from the returned payment you made. Worst yet they won't respond to messages and leave your balance as over drafted hoping you won't notice for 5 days so they can then start charging you an additional $5 a date charge for being over drafted. I am reporting to the The NCUA and if you have issues with this place PLEASE report it to the The NCUA.

  • B

    Brandon Horn

    Highly not recommend had to contact them multiple times over one loan to make a payment. Also they will hit your credit without notice and when they take over the phone payments they will wait close to right before it hits you’r credit before taking payment out watch out for this company. They also take two payments out without notice all the time and I have to cancel and get a refund for the second payment every time through my bank .

  • T

    Terry Scott

    Would be nice if you had the courtesy to call your customer back yesterday when you said you would rather than put them off and give them a run around. It's fine if you don't choose to approve a loan for a current customer but at least be professional enough to contact them as promised either way. Not the first time either to be blown off by your customer service or lack thereof. Due to this I would not recommend your credit union to anyone.

  • M

    Merek Queen

    I've banked with this specific CU for most of my adult life and have nothing to say but good things about them. They treat you not like you're just a customer but a person. Always been helpful, respectful, friendly and the people working there really treat you like more of a part of the family. They don't have anything unreasonable they expect you to do and I've never had one problem with their customer service or normal banking service.

  • C

    Cheyenne Park

    Been banking here for 5 years. Online banking not only has extremely limited abilities, but it's almost never an accurate representation of your account activity. Sometimes transactions don't show in your account activity OR pending activity whatsoever, sometimes they do. Their online banking hardly ever updates over the weekend causing you to think you have funds that you don't and by Monday, you look at the account and have a $30 overdraft fee that they won't waive... Oh, and somehow, even when you have overdraft DISABLED, they still allow you to overdraft and they STILL charge you the $30 fee, no matter how many times you've told them you shouldn't be able to overdraft and that your online banking represented a certain amount of money that suddenly wasn't there because "their site was down". One time they mailed us new debit cards because ours were about to expire but we never received our PIN... after two weeks we called and said we didn't receive a PIN and they told us that our only options were to come into the bank TO RECEIVE AN ENTIRELY NEW CARD AND PIN (it's nearly downtown Springfield and we live in Nixa), or they could mail us the PIN again, but we might not get it for 7-14 more days... I've never had an issue here that was actually resolved without me having to leave home or work to go into the bank and resolve it myself. Every person we've ever talked to is adamant that the error is on our end and not theirs and is unwilling to help or discuss ways to avoid similar errors in the future. If we didn't have our car loans and all of our bills on auto-withdrawal set-up through them, we'd be at a different bank.

  • C

    Caleb Daniels

    Have tons of issues. Supposed to be perks for teachers, and the only perk I've seen is their banking hours. Not open on weekends and close at 530pm. They constantly are changing their policies and consistency is non-existent. Better off with a small town bank that knows your name.

  • M

    Misha Zarins

    This bank has always been reliable, consistant and friendly. I've never had a bad experience or a problem that couldn't be address quickly and efficiently.

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  • 1. How Can I Contact Educational Community Credit Union?

    You can call them at this phone number +1 417-831-0534. You can also enter their official site and fill out the application form online.
  • 3. How Can I Get a Loan at Educational Community Credit Union?

    To get the loan you need, you can enter their official site and fill out the application form online. If you are searching for payday loans, you can click here for more details.
  • 5. What Happens if I Can Not Repay My Loan?

    You may consult with your lender if you have difficulty making the payments. Different lenders have different policies of overdue payment. please always check out carefully before signing any loan agreement.
  • 2. What Is the Site Of Educational Community Credit Union? How to Access This Site?

    Educational Community Credit Union is situated at 1221 Grand St, Springfield, MO 65804, United States. Please carefully check the map and identify the fastest route to access it.
  • 4. Is Educational Community Credit Union an Agency or a Lender?

    Educational Community Credit Union is a Credit union. To make your lending process hassle-free, we allow you to get access with a large pool of honest lenders over the internet. You can turn to our website to secure a personal loan online with no hard credit check.
  • 6. Does Educational Community Credit Union Offer Loans for Bad Credit?

    Yes, but if you want to boost your possibility of getting approved, we can help you out! Just turn to our online service to get a personal installment loan even with your low credit scores.