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Credit union

Credit Union ONE 15 Mile Rd, Sterling Heights

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+1 800-451-4292




9000 15 Mile Rd, Sterling Heights, MI 48312, United States

Credit Union ONE Reviews

10 Reviews
  • c

    carly berenstein

    15 mile road location has got to be the worst branch ever. The customer service is terrible and it's as if the tellers don't know what they are doing. They have device outages on a regular basis. And I mentioned the customer service. I wish is could give this place less than 1 star

  • K

    Karen Alexander

    Im shocked by the reviews, as I have nothing but good service. Wait times can be long, but so is every other facility. Having your banking ready can quicken things up. The tellers at the drive thrù are always most helpful & pleasant.

  • S

    Sharmayne G

    I've never had an issue with this location but I don't often go inside to do my banking. When I've gone inside there's no greeting, they didn't even acknowledge I was in the room. Ferndale is a very nice location i normally go there or the one at my job in Royal oak. The bank itself is great but this location has the worse customer service.

  • H

    Hemlock ricky

    If I could give negative stars I would. They put a full week freeze on a mobile deposit of mine for roughly $1,600 for reasons unknown which prohibited me from paying my bills on time and costing a lot of money in payment return fees. Bill pay accounts of mine from other companies have been frozen and it is a night mare getting it lifted because of Covid-19. Their only solution was a sorry. I will never suggest this credit union and I wish they did not buy out my previous bank. Worst banking experience of my life!

  • B

    BB8 Eight

    I am not a member but I decided I didn't want to be from the moment I walked in to join. I walked in around 2 pm which is after lunch and before quitting time (perfect right?) looked around not knowing whether to get in line or go to see someone at a desk. Not one person (out of four) even looked up or noticed me. When I yelled over to a lady at a desk (who had no customer with her) asking who I should speak to about joining she held up a 1 second sign with her finger. I stood there for literally about 15 minutes and then left. I had a half hour to check into it and 15 minutes was wasted by waiting. They seem to be short handed and that was with only 2 other customers in the office at the time. If they don't have time for me I don't for them. Forget that!

  • M

    Maria King

    Extremely rude and condescending especially one specific teller . I wish I knew her name - all I know is she is in her 50’s, brown hair and has been there quite some time. I see new faces but when they are exposed to rude behavior, they all fall into the same pattern. I only go there when I absolutely have too. I bank at another bank aside from CU 1 and there is no comparison to how professional and friendly they are. CU1 is in desperate need of customer service training.

  • D

    Dialtone Sr

    We thought we found Credit Union that could manage our funds professional, however, we found out after one they are worse than Dearborn and Christian federal Credit Unions. Also! If you like to do "Online Banking" Credit Union ONE does not support Mircosoft Edge or Explorer 10-12 so you are out of luck if you have any issues with the "Online Banking" according to employees Daba and Diane in Credit Union ONE Network Services. We now have go to PNC Bank and Transfer our accounts from this strange Credit ONE Credit Union cause their behavior and the treatment to us. Find another Credit Union or Bank to we you hear. We found PNC and Chase Banks to be the better Banks to do business with. Just pass up this Credit Union and there branches. Like Share

  • J

    Jeremy B ICE MAN

    Communication skills are null after they sign you up. If you have a loan you better not have any excuses for being late... just pay! You never get same person to talk to, or return calls. Looking for a place to take care of you... keep looking!

  • C

    Cory Richardson

    If I could rate this a zero. I would. It's so hard to get someone to help you. They don't have enough people. They're very rude and the wait for any line in that place is outstandingly LONG! Banks should not be closed on weekends. They should be willing to be open. People have stuff to pay for on the weekends. I'm done.

  • S

    Sherry Wesley

    People here are awesome and well versed in assistance. The wait can be a bit long, but compared to other banks, CU One is wonderful.

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  • 1. How to Get in Touch With Credit Union ONE?

    Simply dial this phone number +1 800-451-4292. You can also search through their website and submit the loan request form online.
  • 3. How Can I Get a Loan at Credit Union ONE?

    To apply for the loan you want, you can search through their website and submit the loan request form online. If you are searching for online payday loans, you can go to our website for more details.
  • 5. What to Do if I Can Not Repay My Loan?

    Kindly talk to your lender if you are struggling with the monthly payments. Different lenders have different standards to deferred payment. please always check out carefully before signing any loan agreement.
  • 2. What Is the Address Of Credit Union ONE? How Can I Access This Store?

    Credit Union ONE is situated at 9000 15 Mile Rd, Sterling Heights, MI 48312, United States. Please carefully check the map and identify the fastest route to access it.
  • 4. Is Credit Union ONE an Agency or a Lender?

    Credit Union ONE is a Credit union. To make your lending process smooth and quick, we can link you to a large network of trusted lenders over the internet. You can visit our official site to secure a personal loan online with no hard credit check.
  • 6. Does Credit Union ONE Offer Bad Credit Loans?

    Yes, but if you want to boost your possibility of getting approved, you can turn to our broker service! Just turn to our online service to get a personal installment loan even with your low credit scores.