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BankChampaign, NA (South Neil St.) S Neil St, Champaign

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+1 217-351-2870




2101 S Neil St, Champaign, IL 61820, United States


Investment Management, Small Business Banking, Commercial & Small Business Loans

BankChampaign, NA (South Neil St.) Reviews

5 Reviews
  • D

    D Ruedi

    This banking staff is amazing! They are helpful, courteous and professional! Zac is very knowledgeable and always asks if there is anything else he may help you with…. In a world where customer service is lacking and you are just grateful that someone answers the phone …. It’s refreshing to bank at BankChampaign!

  • F

    Flynn Darby

    Avoid this bank.They used to be the customer service bank in town, but that is no longer the case with their new management. We were a small business customer for 30+ years, paying them over $50,000 in fees, but suddenly and without explanation, they just started treating us like a stranger, not answering my emails, etc. I asked our long-time account manager what was going on, but she offered no explanation and just gave me some number I could call. The word 'sorry' was never said. I closed the account, confused and upset by this bizarre treatment. Afterward, when I complained to their new CEO, I finally got an explanation: She said it was, and I quote, "clear that you are no longer interested in banking with us" [because we had started a second account at a national bank earlier that year in order to use a more modern online system]. Wha? We were still paying them $100 a month in account management (not transaction) fees, and had thousands on deposit! Weren't we still entitled to be treated with respect? With that comment, it seemed official that we had somehow become persona non grata, but they were happy to keep collecting our money until we found out the hard way in our time of need. Anyway, do yourself a favor and avoid it. This is not a bank that you go to for lots-of-locations, or a modern online system, or great rates. They USED to have customer service, but its a shame when new management lets that go down in flames by intentionally alienating long-time customers they no longer deem worthy of their time. I gave the CEO the opportunity to make things right in my eyes by refunding the last year of our management fees, but she declined, saying that they have "many administrative costs" for holding our money. Ha!

  • B

    Brittany Watts

    The higher ups at this bank don't want to deal with you if you have any type of debt, nevermind some of it was from early 2020 pandemic. nope, they'll gladly send your business to another bank

  • T

    Tanner Shiley

    I have contemplated giving a long detailed explanation of my experience with this bank and the mortgage process and have ultimately decided to keep it simple. If you are considering utilizing this bank for your mortgage, please, go literally anywhere else. It is/was the most unprofessional service I have received from any "professional" entity. Furthermore, their lack of care, foresight, and timeliness has in turned cost my family tens of thousands of dollars. Multiple people that are aware of the situation that occurred with this bank are completely convinced that what they did to my family was some sort of a scam and that they never planned to honor the original terms that were offered to me. 0/10 - would not recommend to my worst enemy.

  • I

    Isabelle conner

    I absolutely love this bank. The staff are amazing.

    Response from the owner

    Thanks! We appreciate your kind words.

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  • 1. How to Get in Touch With BankChampaign, NA (South Neil St.)?

    Simply dial this phone number +1 217-351-2870. You can also visit their website and submit the loan request form online.
  • 3. What Services Are Available In BankChampaign, NA (South Neil St.)?

    BankChampaign, NA (South Neil St.) allows you to get access with a long list of services which include:
    • Investment Management
    • Small Business Banking
    • Commercial & Small Business Loans
    You can secure a title loan if you have a free car title under your name.
  • 5. Is BankChampaign, NA (South Neil St.) an Agency or a Lender?

    BankChampaign, NA (South Neil St.) is a Bank. To make your lending process hassle-free, we can link you to a large network of trusted lenders over the internet. You can get a fast personal loan as quick as 24 hours.
  • 2. What Is the Site Of BankChampaign, NA (South Neil St.)? How Can I Access This Store?

    BankChampaign, NA (South Neil St.) is situated at 2101 S Neil St, Champaign, IL 61820, United States. Kindly take a look at the map and identify the fastest route to access it.
  • 4. How Can I Get a Loan at BankChampaign, NA (South Neil St.)?

    To get starterd, you can visit their website and submit the loan request form online. If you are looking for payday loans over the internet, you can turn to our website for more details.
  • 6. What to Do if I Can Not Repay My Loan?

    Simply have a talk with your lender if you feel it hard to repay the loan on time. Different lenders have different policies of overdue payment. Remember to check out carefully before signing any loan agreement.
  • 7. Does BankChampaign, NA (South Neil St.) Offer Loans for Bad Credit?

    Yes, but if you want to higher your chances of getting approved, we are here to help! Just click here to get installment loans even with bad credit.