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First Fed E 6th St, Port Angeles

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227 E 6th St, Port Angeles, WA 98362, United States

First Fed Reviews

9 Reviews
  • M

    Mona C

    Rules change, depends on the manager on shift. That is not the best customer service to portrait. Used to be my favorite bank. Not anymore. Talked with the supervisor over the branch managers who failed customer service altogether

  • R


    Bank is a joke. They pull funds out even though they've admitted its been a clinical bank error, And yet make you feel incredibly stupid for being human. I've decided to close my account and bank elsewhere

  • C

    Connie Marzovilla

    This has been my favorite bank until today. Actually the whole thing started when the bank sent me a letter last week stating I was going to be charged $6.00 a month for my free checking account from now on. I called a friend who said his letter told him his account would still be free. I called customer service and they did put me in a checking account of maintain a $100.00 balance or pay $7.00 fee. I went to the bank today just to ask in person thinking it would be explained in a reasonable way. The teller was condescending, rude, punk kid, with zero customer service skill. I thanked him for helping me decide to leave this bank. Wow I think he must be sick!! And thanks to the person that hired him!

  • I

    I Sew 4U

    I've been banking with First Federal for I think over 20 years. I have been very happy with the customer service I receive at this branch and others. They are very friendly, competent, and some have gone out of their way to get things right for me.

  • J

    Jill Byrnesduke

    Yes i know we're in the phase of Covid19, however banks still like to throw their weight around and if they can charge extra or inconvenience a customer they will.i am not happy with the service.

  • D

    Dara Peppard

    This branch does everything well. They are friendly, fun and always helpful.

  • S

    Sabrina Scruggs

    Tyrone is friendly and very helpful. Great banking overall!

  • J

    Jeanine Hudson

    The staff here are always attentive, knowledgeable and respectful!

  • T

    Thomas Newton

    Fantastic people at all of their branches

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