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  • T

    Tina Kayy

    After just calling and speaking to a representative Ryan, I am compelled to write this review. I opened this loan for a heat/ac unit several years ago. I received an email stating that my account was 30 days late and please reply to the email or call them. I immediately logged into my Enerbank account and big red warning pops on the screen saying I had just made a payment less than 2 weeks before. I went ahead and submitted another payment. I then went back to the email and emailed the representative back. It has been at least five business days since I sent the first email and have yet to get a response. I sent a second email yesterday and still no response. I called them today and ask them if there was anything they could do to remove that from my credit report because it had dropped my score 129 points and I had worked very hard for that score and had never been late on this account before. My score went from a 759 to a 630. The representative was unwilling to help. I was referred to this company by the contractor that put in my HVAC unit. You would think if they have the power to report it to the credit bureau then they also have the power to correct it. Especially when it is a long time faithful customer that has never been late. I fully understand that it is my responsibility to make my payments on time but I was unaware that I was late due to just making a payment two weeks prior. Beware of doing business with them is all I can say. I would be willing to speak with a person in a supervisor position to try and work this out and at that point I will edit/update/delete this review. At this time, a 1 is all I would give them. Tina McAnally

  • M

    Megan Avery

    HORRIBLE LENDER!!! DO NOT TRUST!!!! I was never told/explained to that this was a flex loan. The first portion was paid to the contractor in February 2020 to “get the job started” but the job didn’t start until June 2020, so the loan accumulated a f-ckton of interest before the second portion was paid to the contractor at the completion of the job. Over the course of 1.5 years, I only paid $250 to principle and had to pay nearly $3k more than anticipated to pay off loan balance early. When I asked where this was disclosed in my original agreement, no explanation was available. I also asked why there was discrepancies between payoff values on my statements and what I was told was my final payoff over the phone and I was told maybe the statements were for the first half of my loan (which doesn’t make sense now that I think about it, but too late now). Additionally online system is a freaking nightmare. You can’t see how much you owe, the documents/agreements you signed, interest rates, etc. If your company/contractor states they only work with this company— RUN!!!!!! Or look into other personal loan options instead.

  • I

    Intown Craftsmen

    Total con artist. They hook you with 0% interest but don't fall for it. Their website contains no history of your payment, no ability to see your balance etc. We paid every month and when the loan was supposed to be "paid off" they said there was a balance of $780. When I questioned what it was for they said they couldn't access it on their system! It was a nightmare. Stay far far away from this scam.

  • C

    Cindy M

    I needed to finance my HVAC system and was set up with this company at a 9.99% interest rate. I have been paying 40-45% interest each month! In 2 years they have only applied $700 to my $6,000 loan! Shame on me for not realizing this sooner! DO NOT take out a loan with this company! There are better options out there!!

  • J


    Documents are never received in the mail on time. Because documents aren't received on time it's possible to get late fees that are not your fault. Then you aren't aware of how much you fully owe because there is no way to see your loan balance on their site. A loan company that doesn't show you your loan amount. That should be the most basic information they show you.

  • T

    Tania Anthony

    This entire banking operation should be illegal. Website doesn't allow you to see your balance or let you view how much of your payment is going to principle and interest. Also, you're unable to set up payments for future dates. You can only make your payments on the current dates. They do anything to get those payments late, and interest is calculated daily. You'll be paying 30 years to get your balance paid down and the amount of interest will more than double your principle. STAY AWAY from this bank. They got me, don't let them get you.

  • D

    Dan Morgenstern

    Just flat-out being held hostage at this point. Used them for a remodel earlier this year (contractor's choice, not mine). I've requested a payoff amount for weeks with their online help forms. I've called every day for weeks, waiting on hold for an hour or more before having to move on. Their online portal doesn't provide a balance, a payoff amount, or anything useful.

  • R

    Robert Smaligo

    Finances fraudulent business. Their client RCA Inc still owes me over $2000. Where is due diligence.

  • S

    Sig Holcomb

    They will not allow for extra payments to principal as stated on their statement. Filed a formal complaint with the Fed. Don’t seem to care

  • G

    Gerald Eichelberger

    A joke. These people at Enerbank are just as trifling as the people they do business with at Home Star Solar Solutions. Please PLEASE do not fall for their lies. STAY FAR AWAY!

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  • 1. What Can I Do to Reach EnerBank USA?

    You may contact them at the phone number (800) 262-1655. You may also check out their website and provide your basic information.
  • 3. How Can I Get A Loan at EnerBank USA?

    Simply provide your basic information on their website. If you feel like learning about other financial services, take a look at instant installment loans provided through a popular loan platform.
  • 5. What Should I Do if I Can't Repay My Loan?

    Reach out to the lender and reach an agreement in advance. You should know, however, if it"s a car title loan, the vehicle will be kept by the lender when you default.
  • 2. What Is the Address of EnerBank USA? How to Go to Its Store?

    The address of EnerBank USA is 136 Fairview Rd STE 300, Mooresville, NC 28117. Use an online map for directions.
  • 4. Is EnerBank USA an Agency or a Lender?

    EnerBank USA is a Financial institution that gives different kinds of loans. Check out our platform to learn about various types of loans including personal loans.
  • 6. Can I Get a Loan From EnerBank USA With Bad Credit?

    Yes, you can. But carefully go through the offers as there can be predatory terms when it comes to bad credit loans.