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Bank of the West E 7th St, Carroll

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(712) 792-4397




109 E 7th St, Carroll, IA 51401

Bank of the West Reviews

2 Reviews
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    Luke Knowles

    Here's the opinion I wrote in my exit letter to this bank, "I'd like to say that I enjoyed it while it lasts, but we all know that isn't true. I didn't enjoy it at all. From the very first meeting when Tonya knew that my 6-year old daughter was out in the vehicle crying because of pain from an operation she had just had and her not allowing me to leave without hearing the entire pitch on your products, knowing that she was there, witnessed a phone call with her crying and most importantly, her broken promise to allow me to stop in and sign documents to open quickly, then leave, to the constant abuse of the funds I was depositing there, racking up substantial overdraft fees, then likely subsequently using that very scenario as the basis to close my account, it was without any doubt the most miserable customer service experience I have ever encountered." I mean, there are LOTS of banking options. Don't choose this one.

  • R

    Robert A Merriman

    I am very disappointed by the $35 fee for overdraft as I made a deposit by the end of the day.


  • 1. How to Get in Touch With Bank of the West?

    You can call them at this phone number (712) 792-4397. You can also visit their website and fill out the application form online.
  • 3. How Can I Apply for a Loan at Bank of the West?

    To apply for a cash loan, you can visit their website and fill out the application form online. If you are searching for same day payday loans, you can visit our website for more details.
  • 5. What Happens if I Can Not Repay My Loan?

    You can communicate with your lender if you are struggling with the monthly payments. Different lenders have different policies of overdue payment. Please always read meticulously before signing any loan agreement.
  • 2. What Is the Site Of Bank of the West? How to Access This Site?

    Bank of the West is situated at 109 E 7th St, Carroll, IA 51401. Please carefully check the map and figure out the best route to access it.
  • 4. Is Bank of the West an Agency or a Lender?

    Bank of the West is a Bank. To make your lending process hassle-free, we get you connected with a large network of trusted lenders over the internet. You can turn to our website to get a fast personal loan with no hard credit check.
  • 6. Does Bank of the West Offer Loans for Bad Credit?

    Yes, but if you want to higher your chances of getting approved, you can turn to our broker service! Just turn to our online service to secure a long-term installment loan even with your low credit scores.