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Stuck in a corner with a depleted bank account balance and emergency expenses turning up? You’ll need to find ways to make fast cash as soon as possible. While it sounds impossible, it isn’t when you know where to look.

The next time a ‘can’t get out of emergency expenditure’ makes a crash landing on your already struggling financial situation, follow the following ways to make quick cash without falling for a scam that’ll have you beating yourself up.

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20 Easy Ways to Make Fast Cash

Take Out a Quick Loan

Getting a quick loan to resolve your current financial problems has never been easier. Online brokers like US Installment Loans can connect you to reputable lenders with minimum requirements that instantly offer loans up to $5,000. You can get the money as quickly as within 24 hours with a hassle-free 3-minute application.

Visit a Pawnshop

If you have anything valuable lying around the house, that’s your jackpot to quick cash then and there without any extra trouble. Head over to a pawn shop, and they’ll buy items like jewelry, watches, musical instruments, and even sports equipment. Not in the mood to sell an heirloom? Borrow money from them and hand over your valuable as collateral until repayment.

Rent Your Space

Have an apartment to your name that you don’t live in for now? Or extra space in your current house that’s begging for visitors? That’s your ticket to making fast cash in times of need. Take a few pictures, write a drool-worthy description, and put up the space on Airbnb to get a few extra bucks in your bank account.

Rent Out Your Car

Your car is a money-making machine in several ways. Getting to your office on time is one way, but why not rent out your car whenever you’re not in the driving seat. Put up an ad on rent-a-car apps and make easy money through your vehicle while sitting at home.

Make Deliveries

You’ve probably thanked delivery riders at some point if you’ve used a food delivery app or an e-commerce store. When your finances call for it, it’s time to get on the receiving end. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to have a couple of hundred bucks in your pocket at the end of the week by making deliveries around town.

Become an Online Tutor

For those who are gifted with the natural talent of teaching others, an online tutoring job is a great way when you face the ‘I need money now scenario. Search for online teaching opportunities on Google. You can hit it up with teaching English to international students or science to sixth graders.

Borrow from Family/Relatives

You may not want to risk straining your relationships with your family or friends, but if you've exhausted your borrowing options from other lenders or want a risk-free borrowing option, asking your loved ones for financial assistance could be a viable option.

Sell Unused Internet

The extra internet you’re not using could be an opportunity to make, say, $20-50 monthly. Get money by selling unused internet bandwidth on apps like Honeygain that sell it to corporations. It’s as simple as running the app on a device and leaving it be while the internet bandwidth gets transferred through it.

Participate in Surveys

Who knew filling out survey forms could get you access to quick cash in no time? When you have a few minutes to spare any time of the day, use apps like Swagbucks and Survey Junkie and answer some questions. The person at the opposite end gets the data they need from participants, and you get the cash in return.

Get a Cash Advance

Another method to borrow money that you can pay by your next paycheck is to take a cash advance. Existing credit card owners can withdraw one immediately from a local ATM. Don’t have a credit card? You can still get a cash advance through the many apps offering it, such as Earnin, Brigit, Chime, etc.

Work with Affiliate Marketing

When the blogger within you is struggling to come out, put it to use by making a website and cash through affiliate commissions. It’s a win-win situation if you can get readers to click on a link that doesn’t cost them anything but gets money in your pocket. New to the concept? Go through a few tutorials and start with Amazon affiliate links to get the hang of it.

Write Paid Reviews

With thousands of companies entering the market daily, one needs reviews to stand out from the crowd. And that’s your ship that sail towards another quick cash opportunity. Scour through the internet and find websites that pay individuals to write reviews.

Cash in Social Media

Social media is new to the whole monetization game, but it surely is a lead player. The opportunities are endless! Have what it takes to become an Instagram influencer? You could even make your own YouTube channel and make money from the views. Through platforms like SubscribeStar, create subscription-based content for your viewers.

Play Mobile Games

Luckily, such a fast cash method exists as well for those who enjoy a few hours of gaming on their phone and want to make money side by side. Play a round of Solitaire Cubes and get no-scam real cash. Fancy a game of poker? Try Zynga Poker and earn money.

Donate Plasma

You need money, and someone else needs healthy plasma to recover from a life-threatening condition. If you’re not scared of needles and could use instant cash, visit a plasma donation clinic in your area and donate. In exchange, you’ll get around $50-75 on every donation.

Get a Part-Time Job

If you’re not one for online jobs, the options don’t end there. With numerous part-time jobs available, you can find one that fits your interests and/or skills. Apply for a job at your local bar, Walmart, or coffee shop. There’s always a local shop around the corner in need of assistance. Plus, you’re making fast cash, so who can complain, really?

Sell Gift Cards

Someone else may be looking for that one gift coupon that’s been lying around for months in your belongings. Better yet, an exchange kiosk will instantly pay you around 85% of the card’s total value if you don’t have the time to look around for a buyer.

Trade Your Smartphone

You can’t go by without a smartphone nowadays. However, when push comes to shove, maybe you can part ways from the old smartphones in the back of some drawer at home to get extra money. Mobile shops will usually buy your phone, as long as it’s not vintage. Or you can sell your latest model and downgrade to an older one for the money.

Go for Odd Jobs

Babysitting probably isn’t what you dreamed of doing in your adulthood unless it’s your own kid. But it’s a great way of earning a few bucks every now and then on a free evening. The parents get the time off they need, and you get to make around $17 per hour; it’s an irrefutable deal.

Watch Videos

If you’ve seen the hours of endless video streaming life, this money-making chance will light up those lightbulbs. Apps like Swagbucks and InboxDollar NEED viewers to watch the videos on their platform, and they’ll pay to get them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get money fast today?

There’s more than one option to get money on the go when your financial circumstances call for it. Common methods are to borrow money from a credit card issuer, online lender, or a loved one. Other popular strategies include making cash online, going to a pawnshop, or taking up a part-time job.

Should I get a loan if I need money now?

The question of getting a loan relies on your ability to make timely repayments without falling into a debt cycle. If you can, a loan may be the quickest and smoothest method of getting fast cash. Go for a loan only when it's necessary for emergency expenses like medical bills, car repayments, mortgage payments, etc.

Is taking out a payday loan a good idea?

With emergency expenses adding to your stressful finances, loans are an advisable front. They only become a problem when you don’t keep the repayment dues in check. Keep an eye on the date, and you’re good to go.

What do you need to avoid when taking out a loan?

Grabbing the first loan that comes your way is a tempting choice, but it can mean more financial trouble. Before taking out a loan, go through a double-check process for unreasonably high fees, companies with no reviews or a lot of negative feedback, and short repayment deadlines that you can’t meet.

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