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Borrow Money Online Easily, Quickly, and Safely

If you need a loan quickly, a bank isn't the way to go. Online lenders and loan brokers will do instead. All US citizens who are at least 18 years old and have a government-issued ID can borrow money online easily and quickly.

Loan brokers like USInstallmentLoans will connect you with some of its willing partner lenders who can get you cash in as fast as 15 mins and up to $5k. Your credit score is no limitation, neither do you need to secure the loan with collateral.

All data entered on the site are safe, so are your dealings with our partner lenders.

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Common Types of Borrowing

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    Credit Cards

    This is one good option to explore if you have a good credit rating. You may also be given an interest-free period so far you clear the balance in full. Usually, different individuals have different approved maximum loan amounts.

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    Personal Loans

    A personal loan is ideal for you if you need to make large purchases or consolidate an earlier incurred debt. The debt will usually be equally spread over the repayment term. This makes paying back easier for the borrower.

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    Payday Loans

    Payday loans are a wonderful option for those who have a few things to pay before their next payday. If your monthly income can cover a certain cost but you don't have any money set aside for it in your budget, you may need to take out a payday loan.

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    Title Loans

    Title loans are secured loans obtainable by turning in a car title. Since they are secured, the borrower usually has access to higher loan amounts. It's therefore a good loan option for people with a car title and need large emergency funds.

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    Same Day Loans

    Same-day loans are quick loans disbursed within the same day from when a borrower submits a loan request. They are relatively easy to get and the best bet for people who have no collateral or guarantor to secure a loan.

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    Bad Credit Loans

    Borrowers with poor credit scores may consider getting a bad credit loan. However, they usually have higher interest rates due to the perceived risk incurred by the lender and the short repayment period.

4 Different Ways to Borrow Money

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    You may consider getting a loan from the bank. Some banks offer perks like a no loan origination fee and an interest rate discount. An interest rate discount is a customer discount while a no loan origination fee means the bank doesn't charge you for processing your loan request.

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    The government offers loans indirectly (via different departments and agencies) to businesses and individuals. They may include student, business and housing loans. They often have the perks of low interest rates, partial loan forgiveness and sometimes, no credit checks.

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    Online Direct Lenders

    Direct lenders have sprung up as a major alternative to the more traditional bank loan option. They promise funding your account quickly and the loan request process is way too simple and quick.

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    Online Loan Brokers

    Online loan brokers are a great alternative if you do not want to keep scouring the internet for reliable direct lenders. A loan broker like USInstallmentLoans for instance will connect you to one of its reliable, partner lenders who may then loan you some money.

Why Choose A Broker Like Us Over
Direct Lenders?

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    Direct lenders of all types of loans

    We have an extensive network which includes reliable and accredited bad credit loan lenders, payday lenders, and same-day loan lenders. Through a loan broker like us, you can access any of these lenders in a few, simple clicks.

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    Better deals, rates & terms

    With loan brokers like USInstallmentLoans, you get access to favorable interest rates and more convenient loan terms. We do the underground work and connect you only with people who can offer you your requested loan amount and at the best interest rate.

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    Bad Credits Still

    Unlike many other direct lenders, we have no bias against people with bad credit. We connect you to one of the bad credit loan lenders in our network instead. These lenders have loan packages specially designed for people with bad credits.

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    Flexible Repayments

    Our partner lenders make repayment easy for prospective borrowers by providing installmental payments. Borrowers are also free to contact them to work out custom repayment plans should they experience difficulty in repaying.

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    Confidentiality & security

    Data entered in our forms or communicated with our partner lenders remain private and confidential. We employ industry leading security standards in ensuring data privacy and safety.

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    Easy & quick borrowing

    Accessing loans via loan brokers is by far easier than with direct lenders, as brokers give you a wide range of options to choose from. They connect you with the lender whose loan packages best suit your preferences. Also, decisions are made on your loan request in as quickly as fifteen (15) minutes and you should expect to get funded anytime between then and the following business day.

How to Borrow Money Online

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    Submit your info

    Begin by submitting all relevant information via the form that pops up. Make sure to have your income documentation and government-issued ID ready, as they will be required as well.

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    Review & accept offers

    We then connect you to one of our 100+ reliable lenders who will review your request. If successful, the lender will send you an offer which you are to sign in agreement to if satisfied with the stated terms and conditions.

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    Quick transfers from lenders

    Submit the quote as soon as you have signed it. On receiving the signed quote, the lender begins to process your payment almost instantly. In fact, you should get funded not later than the following business day.

When It's The Right Time to Borrow Money?

Most often than not, borrowers contact online loan lenders only when they need funds for short-term expenses or need to address immediate financial needs. What needs do borrowers commonly seek to address with online loans.

  • Mortgage payments

    Like many other financial obligations, mortgage payment calls for urgent attention. Defaulting on payment might in fact cause some credit problems for you. If you foresee problems with payment, obtaining a loan might be a good deal.

  • Monthly home bills

    Since your monthly bills on water, light and heating vary from month to month, it's not exactly easy to project what it will be in the following month. You may want to get a loan if the bills rise so much that they eclipse your monthly income.

  • Medical bills

    Health insurance may cover your health care expenses but how about the expenses incurred in living a healthy lifestyle? You may also be financially obligated to assist a friend who's come down with a terminal disease. A loan could help with these.

  • Education

    Many schools offer their students flexible tuition payment plans to make tuition payment less stressful. But how about travel, housing and general cost of living. Students above 18 years can get some loans to help cover some of their short-term expenses and obligations.

How Much Money Can USInstallmentLoans Help Me Borrow?

It's established that you can get instant loans through USInstallmentLoans. But how much are we talking about here, you may ask?

To begin with, how much money do you need? This will help you understand better if you should be shopping for short-term borrowing (small sum) or long-term borrowing (large sum). So, if you need very large amounts, long-term loans will suffice. Otherwise, if you need to settle only small bills, then a short term loan is what you should be looking at.

In general, your credit ceiling depends on factors like your assets, employability status and value of income. USInstallmentLoans, through its partner direct lenders, can help you secure up to $5000 in payday or installment loans and up to $35000 personal loans. So you are covered if you need anything between $5k and $35k.

Other Cures to Financial Stress

Financial obligations can be burdensome and distressing, especially when the resources to cater to them are not readily available. Check out these tips on how to manage financial stress in your rainy days.

  • Prioritize essential bills

    Develop a priority list of bills to cater to starting from the most essential. By doing so, you may be able to knock out some 'unnecessary bills' or determine which bills are more important and which aren't.

  • Save for the rainy days

    Do not spend all your income. You can cut out a percentage from your monthly income and store it away in your savings. Develop a savings plan and stick with it.

  • Figure out other streams of income

    You can ease your financial tension by finding other ways of making more money. This might involve working overtime, on weekends, or doing some remote job on freelancing platforms.

  • Speak to your loan lenders

    Let your lenders be aware of your financial situation. Many lenders are open to discussing loan repayment issues with borrowers and can provide you a short-term solution.


  • Does USInstallmentLoans lend money?

    No, not directly. We are a loan broker and will connect you with one of the 100+ reliable lenders in our network. Of course, they are SEC-accredited.

  • How much will it cost me to borrow money?

    The total cost of your loan is determined by a number of factors, namely - how much you want to borrow, the repayment term and your current financial situation. We'll never charge for using our service.

  • I have a low credit score, can I still borrow?

    Yes, you can. We believe you should still be able to obtain loans in an emergency with a poor credit score. Submit your request and we'll connect you with a willing lender.

  • Do I qualify to borrow money?

    You definitely do if you are at least 18 years old, a resident of the United States, have a checking or savings account, can show proof of stable income and a valid government-issued ID.

  • Can getting a loan hurt my credit score?

    Not unless you default on the loan. If you pay on time, your credit score should not suffer. Your credit score will not take a hit too if only soft credit searches are run on your profile.

  • Will I need a guarantor?

    No, you don't necessarily need a guarantor to obtain a loan via USInstallmentLoans. However, you might be able to unlock larger amounts if you have one.

  • How Long Will It Take To Receive The Money I Borrow?

    These days, borrowers can get loans almost instantly or in the worse case scenario, the next business day. USInstallmentLoans partner lenders for instance make funding decisions in as soon as 5 minutes from when they get a borrower's request and disburse the cash in as soon as 15 minutes. The caveat is it might take a little time to reflect in your account due to your bank's deposit processing speed, amongst several other external factors.

  • What can I do if I find it difficult to repay the money on time?

    Usually, you will be required to pay a default fee. However, if you find out on time you won't be able to meet up with time, contact the lender and they might be able to work out a thing or two for you.

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