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TD Bank MA, Sandwich

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+1 508-888-0844



119 MA-6A, Sandwich, MA 02563, United States

TD Bank Reviews

8 Reviews
  • J

    Janet Lane

    I "really" "really" miss some of the folks that have worked at this branch over the years. They were amazingly efficient, very customer service oriented. I had the 800 number resolve an issue that wasn't resolved at the branch. This used to be my "go to" branch. Overall, TD Banks are a good choice.

  • V

    Victoria Colombo

    We had a wonderful experience opening bank accounts at TD Bank. Damian was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and he answered all of our questions. The process was quick and easy. We will be back for future banking needs!

  • J

    J H

    Not very efficient. Always a line with one teller, slow moving. Very friendly staff, which I would trade in a hot minute for efficiency!!!!! !

  • E

    Edward S

    Awful! I went into the Sandwich branch yesterday to cash a check from a company that was drawn on a TD Bank account. I presented it to the teller and was informed (in a very condescending manor) that there was a $7.00 cash out fee. Really? You're going to charge me a fee to cash a check that's from an account at your bank? I find this quite ridiculous and extremely poor customer service. That in combination with the way the teller interacted with me insures i would not do business again with this bank.

  • C

    Cape Cod

    I have more than one bank but TD Bank in Sandwich is my favorite. Great service and friendly people that are always helpful. It's the way banking should be.

  • D

    Dominic D

    Of all the T d Banks I’ve been in the one on 6a in Sandwich Ma. Is by far the Friendliest and most efficient. Dominic Diauto

  • R

    Raymond Lucas

    Kim counted 100 of the freshest singles, she is awesome! Caitlin is cool as well!

  • G

    George Gossios

    The service that I received from the employees of T D Bank on 6A in Sandwich is the best

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