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Fort Bragg Federal Credit Union Bastogne Dr, Fort Bragg

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4020 Bastogne Dr, Fort Bragg, NC 28307, United States

Fort Bragg Federal Credit Union Reviews

10 Reviews
  • M

    Margo Langley

    I was the only patron, Tuesday, 5 April, so my cashiers checque was processed quickly. My issue is with the so-called upgrades, around Ft Bragg. This was my last duty station; I left active duty on 29 September 1993. It seems that changes began, within 2-3 years of my departure. It's nearly 30 years later, and it's necessary to use Google Map to find my way, from place to place! Many drivers have become used to traveling the same routes, but the new soldier at gate 11 told me, HE even has to use Google, to make his way around post! I drove past the Bastogne FCU, and had to double back!

  • L

    Loretta Young

    Customer service is very bad and very slow. I been with this credit union for 46 years. and the service was much better back then. the upgrade is offer.

  • G

    Gabriel Fain

    Checked into the credit union today to conduct a wire transfer. Was told doesn’t do International Wire transfers.

  • S

    Slaya 2EZ

    I had a car loan with them for about 2 years. While the interest rate was good the service was horrible. They then tell me the gap insurance I purchased is non refundable. Even though their website doesn't state that at all. If you have different options for an auto loan I suggest going else where. It has been nothing but a headache with them from the beginning.

  • M

    Monique Revely

    Incompetent as heck! This company don't care about people and how they conduct business. They cause things and blame the customers. Awful attitudes and horrible customer service.

  • D

    Donna Taylor

    Having been a member of this credit union for over 20 years, I can say that after the past 2 days of dealing with no less than 6 incompetent employees, I am finally ready to close all accounts and take my business elsewhere. I have yet to receive the same answer from any one if those I've spoken to. I've wasted almost 5 hours on hold since this began yesterday. There's absolutely NO excuse for this ineptitude.

  • E

    Earnest Frazier

    So I refinanced my vehicle with Fort Bragg Credit Union on 12 Mar was told that certified check was mailed to pay off my previous loan. As the loan date neared on 15 April, I contacted the bank and asked why is my previous bank not showing the loan as paid. The stated they were unsure so they would check. Loan officer called me back and stated they would cancel the cashier's check and issue a new one. I continuously monitored my previous bank loan and did not see any changes. I contacted FBFCU and found out there had been no changes to the original cashier's check (no cancellation / no payment to the bank) so now I will owe the previous bank and Fort Bragg Credit Union...never again...never again will I be this trusting.

  • T

    Tee Shep

    I had been cashing check after check for over a month and when I took another check in to cash they questioned every document I had. I have a savings and checking account with them they never questioned me before. The worst bank to bank with and I've been a customer for over 10 years. I'm changing banks asap! I didn't need them to cash it just deposit the check into my account. HORRIBLE BANK SERVICE!

  • t

    tiylor hill

    DONT USE THIS BANK!!!!! They make it impossible to pay your loans easily. They removed all ways of paying other other the phone and charge a fee every time you pay by phone. The customer service is the worst I've seen, McDonald's has better customer service. They lie to you every chance they get. As a veteran I am very apauld and discusted that they serve the military community.

  • S

    Stephen Smith

    Very bad customer service at Ft. Bragg. Branch near south post commissary. Seriously considering changing banks. One teller serving a customer for over 15 minutes, while seniors, who could hardly stand waited patiently. After complaining an employee comes from another room upset because she was interrupted. Machine count of MY money and stuffed in envelope, not right.

    Response from the owner

    Hi Stephen, we're sorry to hear about your experience and we would like to hear more from you so we can improve. Can you contact us directly by sending an email to [email protected]?

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