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What are Bad Credit Boat Loans?

A bad credit boat loan is the money granted to you to finance a boat purchase when your credit scores are low. Because of the low credit scores, getting a lender for this type of loan is often not easy, and the interest rates may be a bit higher.

Also, depending on the lender you are working with, you can take a secured or unsecured loan. A secured loan requires you to offer one of your assets as security for the loan, whereas an unsecured loan requires you to borrow the money outright without committing any asset.

For secured loans, the boat is used as collateral, meaning it will be confiscated if you cannot repay the loan. For unsecured personal loans, the boat is not used as collateral. However, the amount you're eligible for may be lower than that of a secured loan.

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How to Apply for a Boat Loan

The application process for a boat loan differs depending on whether you apply through a bank, a credit, or an online lender. The quickest way to obtain the funds is to apply through an online lender or broker like US Installment Loans. Here are the steps to follow:

Submit your information

Assess the website of US Installment Loans and select the range of the loan you need. You will get a simple form that you can complete by providing basic personal information, income, and employability status.

Compare offers

Your loan application is sent to a panel of lenders, who may get back to you with their offers. Compare these offers, paying attention to the approved loan amount, terms, and interest rates before making a decision.

Receive the funds

Once you've chosen an offer and signed the loan agreement, you can relax and wait for the money to be deposited into your bank account. You can expect to receive it as soon as the next business day.

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Will Bad Credit Affect My Application?

Yes, applying for a boat loan with bad credit is a bit harder than applying for the same with good credit. But you still have options. Various online lenders are willing to offer you a personal loan even if you have bad credit. You only have to prove you’re capable of repaying the loan.

The good news is, getting a loans for bad credit may improve your credit score if you are able to meet all your repayment commitments.

Why Apply for a Boat Loan?

There are many reasons for applying for a boat loan. These include:

  • You are tired of your current boat and want a new one.
  • You want to buy your first boat but don’t have enough money.
  • You’re looking to refinance your current boat.
  • You want to purchase a used boat.

It's worth noting that owning and maintaining a boat requires a lot of money. Therefore, ensure you're financially capable of keeping the boat before applying for a boat loan. Also, make sure you have a consistent income that allows you to repay the loan.

Does a Boat Loan Need Collateral?

The answer to this question will depend on whether you choose a secured or unsecured loan. If you choose a secured loan, you may need to use the boat as collateral.

The good thing is that the collateral makes it easier to qualify for the loan. That's because lenders don't have to worry about losing their hard-earned money. They may even charge you lower interest rates because of the collateral.

Other Types of Loans Similar To Boat Loans

Other types of loans that are similar to boat loans are car loans and housing loans. These three types of loans require collateral and are meant to purchase something.

Car Loan

This refers to the money lent to you to facilitate a car purchase. Typically, the vehicle being bought is used as collateral for the loan, although the terms may vary by lender.

Housing Loan

As the name suggests, a housing loan is a loan taken to finance a house purchase. This type of loan is usually long-term, with typical loans varying between 10-30 years. Also, the house is used as collateral until the loan has been repaid in full.

What Are the Merits of Getting a Boat Loan?

If you are considering a boat purchase, you may still be undecided on how to acquire it. Check out these four merits of getting a boat loan.

Faster Loan Decisions

When you apply for a boat loan through an online lender or broker, your request is approved within 24 hours, while the funds are sent to you within 2-3 days. This allows you to complete your boat purchase quickly.

Longer Financing Terms

Most direct lenders recognize the challenges of repaying a loan and will offer more attractive payment terms than those of local banks and credit unions.

Reduced Credit Inquiries

Most online lenders only run soft credit checks when determining whether to offer you a loan. Hence, your credit scores won’t be negatively impacted.


1. What is the Lowest Credit Score to Apply for a Boat Loan?

Different lenders have different credit score requirements, depending on the type of boat you want to buy. The minimum credit score requirement for large, expensive boats may be higher than for other smaller, inexpensive boats.

Also, people with lower credit scores may incur higher monthly payments and interest rates than people with higher scores. Therefore, it would help to build your credit scores before applying for a boat loan.

2. How Much Can I Afford to Borrow?

Since you’ll be required to repay the boat loan over a considerable amount of time, it is recommended that you take a loan for which you can cover in monthly payments. Your lender will probably also want to see some proof of income to confirm you’re capable of repaying the debt.

3. What are the Criteria for Getting Approved for a Boat Loan?

Here are some of the basic requirements you need to meet to qualify for a boat loan:

  • Be a registered US citizen
  • Be 18 years old and above
  • Have a Social Security Number
  • Have a Valid Bank Account
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