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It's not something you'd wish on anyone, let alone yourself, to be weighed down by a financial emergency your savings couldn’t cater to. An installment loan can get you through the rough waters, even if you have bad credits. With installment loans spreading over months or years, you don’t have to scratch your head trying to make ends meet on the next payday as required by payday loans.

Choose US Installment Loans to find lenders who will pay heed to your urgent money needs and get you an online installment loan for bad credit.

Is It Possible to Get an Installment Loan With Bad Credit?

Despairing over the fact that traditional lenders won’t offer you an installment loan with bad credit won’t get you anywhere. Before shooting down all the shots, test your luck with an online lender that offers this service.

Most partner lenders of US Installment Loans understand the struggle of maintaining your credit scores. Therefore, you’ll find plenty of them willing to offer you a loan despite a credit score that isn’t in your favor. With high acceptance rates up to 98%, you can get the jackpot as long as you meet the basic eligibility criteria like having a stable income, since these lenders care more about whether you have the repayment capability.

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How Can I Take out a Bad-Credit Installment Loan?

Believe it or not, but 3-5 minutes is all it takes to score a win and get a bad credit installment loan. Just follow a few simple steps as follows:

Submit an Application

Click here to get an application form for installment loans for bad credit. Fill in the form with the details and submit. We’ll forward it to our network of lenders.

Review Offers

Don’t jump to conclusions, or should we say offers in this case. Take your time to review the offers and compare them. Once you’re satisfied, go through with it and make it official.

Receive Funds

You’ve passed the loan approval request with flying colors. All you need to do now is wait for the funds to find their way to your bank account. Normally, it takes 1-2 days for installment loan deposits.

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Checklist for Installment Loans Online for Bad Credit

Choosing an installment loan isn’t like blindly selecting the first option that comes your way. Installment loans can make or break your bank and credit score, which is why it’s essential to make the decision wisely. The following are a few things to check for during installment loan for bad credit hunting:

Eligibility Criteria

Lenders have varying eligibility criteria, and the bare minimum suits you best in case of bad credit. However, if your credit score is on the fair side, you can get better interest rates with a lender that requires a minimum score above 580.

APR and Charges

You don’t want to get ripped off by a lender when you’re already struggling with expenses. Before selecting one from the lot, compare their APR and charges. It might seem like you can’t get a better offer at times, but you’ll only know when you take a closer look at the market.


When nothing else works, credentials speak for themselves. Pick up your phone and search for the company’s reviews on credible websites. You’ll get a gist of their services by scrolling through the reviews alone.

How Will An Installment Loan Affect My Credit Score?

According to the choices you make when getting a loan, your credit score may rise above or take a hit.

Not every lender reports to the national credit bureaus, but many do.

By getting a bad credit installment loan, you can either make the repayments timely or miss out on them. The former can take your credit score up by significant points, while the latter will let it take a dip that’ll be hard to get up from when you’re already struggling.

Alternatives to Online Installment Loans for Bad Credit

Installment loans for bad credit are great, but the options don’t end there. If you think you’re better off with another loan type, here are four alternatives that could work:

Car title loans

Need to get a loan and don’t have the credit score that backs you up? A car title loan is a secured loan where you can borrow money against your car title and, in return hand over the legal ownership of it until full repayment.

Payday loans

Get your hands on fast cash to breeze through urgent expenses until your next payday. Payday loans let you make a loan request and receive funds, usually within the same day. If you can make the repayment in a few weeks, they’re another good alternative.

Personal loans

Personal loans fall under the umbrella of installment loans; they’re just one of its types. No matter how deep you’re in it, you can borrow money and repay it over a few years using personal loans.

Same-day loans

When you need to borrow money then and there, a loan that can get you the funds within the same day is an angel in disguise. Find yourself in such a scenario. Get a same-day loan and receive fast cash within 24 hours.


What is considered bad credit?

The universal credit score range lies between 300-850. A little above halfway through makes the benchmark. A score below 600, especially below 580, will get you in trouble with financial institutions.

How much money can I borrow with installment loans if I have poor credit?

Traditional lenders will, in most cases, not offer you a bad credit installment loan in the first place. Save yourself the trouble through US Installment Loans. We can connect you with our network of reputable lenders that can provide a loan as low as $50 and up to $5,000.

How quickly will I be funded?

With US Installment Loans, you can get installment loans with instant approval. You will get the funds in your account after loan approval as soon as the same day or the next business day.

The longer I borrow, the more expensive the installment loan becomes.

Someone who borrows a $500 loan with a one-month repayment period will cost less than repaying the same loan in 3 months. You’ll keep adding up the interest charges; longer repayment periods mean higher incurred interest.

What are the criteria for getting approved for installment loans for bad credit?

Lenders may have varying criteria for bad credit installment loans. However, most stick with the basics, including US citizenship, legal age, valid contact information, active checking account, and stable income.

Is there any way for me to raise my credit score?

There’s no overnight cure to increase your credit ratings; take small steps to start. Check your credit reports for errors in personal and contact information. Repay your credit card payments and any existing debts. Don’t overspend on your credit limit. And finally, don’t make a new card whenever you see an ad.

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