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Currency exchange service

Justice Currency Exchange W 79th St, Justice

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+1 708-496-1500




8009 W 79th St, Justice, IL 60458, United States


Bill paying, Business check cashing, Money transfers, Bitcoin Atms, Cash Advance, Cash Transportation, Credit Cards, Financial Services, Foreign Currency Exchange,

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Justice Currency Exchange Reviews

10 Reviews
  • J

    Jose Ortega

    I just went there to transfer a title to my name, the lady was really rude from the beginning. I made a mistake on my signature and from there she went to 100% rude and mean. Unbelievable how this place stays in business with this attitude towards customers.

  • D

    Debra Hyde

    Recently moved to Bridgeview about three blocks away from the currency exchange. Finally received my stimulus check and went to this currency exchange to cash the check. Had a current State I. D. But was told that in order to cash the government refund check there that I would also need my SOCIAL SECURITY CARD AS WELL AS THE PAPERWORK FROM FILING THE TAX REFUND. I explained that it was a stimulus check and not an income tax return but was still informed by the red haired young lady working there that I still needed to bring my tax paperwork!! I don't know about anyone else but that was LUDICROUS!! I went to the currency exchange on Archer Ave. A half block east of Cicero and handed the young lady the check and my State I. D. And received my money without a problem!!! I'll NEVER visit that currency exchange on 79th and Roberts road again. I wonder if she was going to ask me to jump through some flaming hoops, too!! LoL! Not worth the trouble. Plenty of other currency exchanges that are helpful with friendly employees without the drama!!

  • L

    Lisa Smith

    They couldn’t cash my check because my I’d was recently issued. And it seemed like a few other people there were facing similarly petty issues trying to cash a check. Wouldn’t recommend it was a waste of time.

  • c

    cindy jones

    I’m always greeted kindly by the customer service representatives. I’m usually in and out with no long wait time. They are firm with customers and are not pushovers. Definitely my favorite currency exchange

  • n

    nicole williams

    The lady is very grumpy idk the name of her but her tone is just the rudest idk how she got the job ...but yes maybe that's the way she is but in customer service u need to atleast fake a smile and talk right to people they do have bad customer service should look for new employees

  • S

    Samer Morra

    Very rude customer service. And they are being races. I was standing on the line for five minutes. And the two ladies got into it with two different customers. Some customers walk in with masks and some customers don’t. At the time I was there two customers without mask and three customers without having the mask on. They pick and choose who can be in with a mask or not. The two ladies have a very bad customer service. And they are races. I don’t recommend anybody to go there

  • O

    Olgaq7u Cruz

    Stacie was extremely rude, if that was her name. Older caucasians lady with glasses. I went there for a simple Western Union transaction my name did not match my ID, because i got my account about 15 years ago and it uses my maiden name. I've never had an issue before, So I asked her if we can start from scratch and use my id information when she "imputed" my information she said that Western Union rejected my transaction and it didn't say why, so I called Western union and they told me I needed a store locator in order for them to investigate. She refused to give it to me because she doesnt give that information to customers and she refused to call Western Union as well. The Western Union rep said that had never happened before and asked me why she couldn't and i said, because she is "rude and disrespectful." Overall the worst customer service a currency exchange has provided and i have been using the same services for over 15 years

  • M

    Marina Dankert

    Extremely RUDE employees. I get called to the counter and let her know what I wanted to do, she made a loud huffing puffing sigh, like it was such a bother. Then asks me for my ID. My ID is sitting in the slot as she completely ignores that I just placed it there and continues watching a movie on her phone! I left without getting done what I needed to get done because she was not answering questions with what I needed help with and continued to act as if I was disturbing her, and being no help AT ALL... worst customer service ever! Too busy WATCHING MOVIES TO DO HER JOB! She should be fired

  • B

    Barbara Wright

    Won't cash a check cause" too old" This location has got to the point where they don't do much anything anymore. The bank cashed my check in less than 5 minutes. The boss lady the cashier was on the phone with was probably too lazy to" verify " I had my identification I just wanted a little cash out without the wait of the bank. I deposited the whole check in the bank

  • A

    Angel Day

    Didn't want to give them one star but I had too. The cashiers are very rude they are not knowledgeable about anything. I believe none of them know what they doing because every time I come in there I have a problem with them cashing my checks but as soon as I leave them and go to 99th and Roberts Road it's no problem for them to verify it. Need better workers in there thats trained properly to be behind the counter.

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  • 1. How Can I Contact Justice Currency Exchange?

    You may contact them at the phone number +1 708-496-1500. You may also go to their website and submit your personal info.
  • 3. What Services Can I Get From Justice Currency Exchange?

    Justice Currency Exchange is known to provide services including:
    • Bill paying
    • Business check cashing
    • Money transfers
    • Bitcoin Atms
    • Cash Advance
    If you have a consistent income, you may also take out a cash advance.
  • 5. Is Justice Currency Exchange an Agency or a Lender?

    Justice Currency Exchange is a Currency exchange service that gives different kinds of loans including personal loans.
  • 2. What Is the Location of Justice Currency Exchange? How Can I Go There?

    The address of Justice Currency Exchange is 8009 W 79th St, Justice, IL 60458, United States. Get help from an online map for directions.
  • 4. How Can I Get A Loan at Justice Currency Exchange?

    You can submit your personal info on their website to apply for a loan. If you feel like learning about other possible solutions, take a look at US Installment Loans and dig deep.
  • 6. What Do I Do if I Cannot Pay Back My Loan?

    Contact the lender and come to an agreement as soon as possible. You should know, however, if it"s an auto title loan, your vehicle will be took by the lender when you default. Click here for more information on title loans.
  • 7. Can I Get a Loan From Justice Currency Exchange With Bad Credit?

    Yes, you can. But pore over the offers as there can be unfair conditions when it comes to bad credit loans.